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Summary of remarkable mobile games in the week of July 2

This week continue to invite you to refer to some of the new hot mobile games to be able to entertain during the weekend. As usual, I still focus on free games in both Android and iOS platforms.

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot
Category: Fighting

Game slightly oriented adventure and build hero, I found the gameplay is quite similar to "God of War" mini version. However, with this type of play, Mighty Quest For Epic Loot will make us more attentive in the process of controlling and not getting bored.

Just collect power, weapons during the game, hit any monster that appears, then build slowly. Especially the brothers who play God of War and play on mobile this way will be quite interesting.

The Ninja in The Dark
Genre: Judgment

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This game is quite interesting, you will play the "Ninja Cat". Each stage will have monsters standing around in a certain line or shape. The player will have a few seconds of judgment and then the fog is closed, this time the player will draw slashes in the shape of the monsters arranged earlier to "standard".

Train Station 2: Tycoon Sim
Category: Construction, development

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The game builds a small town that focuses on railroads and arrangements to make your town both a point of contact for trains and the largest station in the region. The game graphics are very nice and easy to see, during the game there are many instructions of the game so it is not too difficult. So far we have built cities, zoo, parks, restaurants, coffee, … Now we are going to build a railway station. Those who love the construction category should definitely not ignore this game.

Boom Pilot
Category: Aircraft combat

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Seems like the "plane shoot" genre never gets bored, this game gets a lot of positive feedback on Play Store and App Store. This game is played with one hand touching the screen, shooting and dodging is too familiar, so I do not connect more about how to play. When a new game comes out and there are so many good ratings, it's worth it to try downloading it.


Category: Good puzzle, intelligence

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Polyphere playing in the free time is also quite good, you arrange around 360 degrees on the screen of the puzzle pieces to make it look like a shape that the game has given, for example: Strawberry, dog, whale, birds, … Especially you should let children play this game so they can be agile in guessing things in the surrounding life.

Madden NFL Overdrive Football
Category: Sports, rugby

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In Vietnam, although there is no football, but some young people still follow American Football tournaments through the program. Madden NFL has very nice graphics, vivid gameplay, multi-dimensional visual effects, if you want to learn the rules of rugby, try it too.

Cat Bird!
Category: Adventure

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Adventure game of the "bird cat", looking a little girl and so small, this is a very difficult game genre. From the first level we had to encounter a lot of obstacles to trap, I was very hard to like flying and dodging like "Flappy Bird", Cat Bird was even more terrible. In the end, it would be appropriate for you who like the type of want to break the island.


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