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Summary of remarkable mobile games in May 2019

I synthesized a number of new games, good games, notable in May for you to refer and can download and play. I focused mainly on free games on Android and iOS platforms.

Category: Action

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After the introduction on KickStarter, the game quickly responded positively from the community, Ailment based on science fiction. Players need to fight the enemies in space that have stolen spacecraft and teammates. Thereby there will be many weapons that gradually increase in each level. I remember the old days playing games and shooting the orange green monsters on the computer outside the net (not remembering the names), and during the game, there were also many good guns and weapons, and the Ailment was the same. similar format. Retro-style graphics are also a new color that makes a strong impression when playing, even if you are the most demanding game player, I still believe that Ailment will make us happy because it's very good.

Merge Empire
Category: Development, tactics

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The game developed in the form of great empire play, from hiring workers, to building troops based on the real battle of the player. You may later become a powerful empire kingdom from wooden houses – tile houses – and to tall buildings. Making money in the game is also quite easy for you to build and strengthen your military and protect against invading bosses.

Durango: Wild Lands
Category: Survival, MMO

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Nexon's game, I just introduced Durango around last week, and I predict this will be the best game in May. And indeed it is ranked in the "Best of May" section on the App Store and the Play Store.

You will enter a world of prehistoric dinosaurs to fight between different tribes, playing online with many people around the world. The task of the player needs to collect and tame many different dinosaurs, collect hidden items, explore the land on the map. However, the wider the map, the more dangerous the player is, not only being hunted by dinosaurs but also the players from other tribes trying to attack you. In general, this game is very interesting, beautiful graphics, good game style, similar to how to play Last Day on Earth (you can search more).

Idle Coffee Corp
Category: Business, development

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This is a developed business game very different from the current genre games in a very generic way. You will enter the business of take away coffee in the busy sense: In the process of playing you need to upgrade many menu drinks, collect money and open more counters because the customer base is increasingly crowded and 2-3 counters are not enough. The aim of the game is to focus on making money, which is also the difference between Idle Coffee Corp, and the game receives a great response from players around the world.

Category: Action

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I do not appreciate Archero in the game and in terms of image, but I have to acknowledge that the game developer has a very good marketing force when he proposed to "Mr. King Youtube" – PewDiePie try and comment. So Archero quickly had a huge amount of downloads via just one video of PewDiePie, of course the game was also available in the QC section of other media.

I didn't say that I didn't appreciate it, it didn't mean I didn't treat Archero badly, the game was totally entertaining, but to be in the "Best of May" section, I didn't agree. Of course not deny the hotness of Archero, and each player will have a personal feel, I also recommend that you download the trial.

Dumb Ways to Draw
Category: Wisdom

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Dumb Way to Die game after many years with newer ways of playing. If the old version is played "Quickly," the Dumb Way to Draw version has more "guessing" gameplay. You will draw any straight or diagonal line so that the character can cross the obstacle without dying. But I think for the first time, I think everyone must be "die" many times : D That way, you will understand how to play correctly.


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