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Summary of remarkable mobile games in June

Check out some new and interesting mobile games in June, also convenient for some brothers to update to play on weekends. As usual, I still focus on free games on Android and iOS platforms.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
Category: Adventure

The Harry Potter Wizards Unite has a similar gameplay to Pokémon Go, also follows the AR simulator and the player needs to move around based on the map. I feel the map is quite detailed for each alley especially in Vietnam map, so it makes the game more realistic. The mission is also simple, instead of catching Pokémon, it catches monsters in the magic world like in Harry Potter that we are so familiar with.

The game is now available at Play Store and App Store Vietnam, invite you to join us and share your feelings!

Dota Underlord
Kind: Tactic

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Dota Underlords is a new strategy game that has just been released. How to play is similar to Auto Chess but there will be a few more special Hero, also upgrade Hero and arrange that so that your chessboard is the most standard and the Hero must complement each other. Of course, the hot game is thanks in part to the generals of DOTA 2 which are completely coordinated with the new play "strange but fun" for those who are too bored with the simple way of playing at 3 doors.

Certainly Dota Underlords and Auto Chess will bring a new wind to mobile games today, a successive "phenomenon" like PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends has done very well before.

Auto Chess
Category: Strategy

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Auto Chess as well as the Dota Underlord has recently been fevered because of the very attractive gameplay, this game was derived by a similar game called Dota Auto Chess that was released earlier by Drodo Studio but played on a PC platform ( Windows and Linux). Now that the mobile version – the official Auto Chess is released, there were too many copies of the game before, so I couldn't put it in the May game list. This is one of the games you SHOULD download and playing this week, under the hot wave of it, many friends in Vietnam responded strongly to Auto Chess.

  • Download link: iOS (Currently the Play Store link is in error, please use Android to check your Auto Chess regularly)

Dawn of Isles
Category: Survival

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The recent Dawn of Isles has been well received by many young people, especially compared to Durango: Wild Land, which I introduced last month. However, I feel that Dawn of Isles is easier to play, and it is not as long as Durango, although the play style is quite similar. You will still choose for yourself a private way, a private path. Collect resources and do assigned tasks.

Nonstop Knight 2 – Action RPG
Category: RPG, tactics

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Like many other types of RPGs, Nonstop Knight 2 has an interesting gameplay between skill combinations and making the most of the weapons that the game characters collect. Also according to guide and combine play with friends for more fun because the current types of offline RPG are quite boring. With simple graphics to look at, this is a very popular RPG game and downloaded on the App Store in June last.

Talking Tom Hero Dash
Category: Action

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This is the game loved by young people in the past,

The game is similar to "Subway Surfer", however, the character's way of running and Tom and Angela is more diverse, even flying up to the roof of the house, … Through which will fight brown bear boss. Each stage will have a different characteristic, making the game not bored for a long time.

Pixel People
Category: Construction, development

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This is a city building game that is worth playing, at first you only have a small piece of land then you have to gradually exploit it wider. Pixel People 's only minus point is "Pixel retro" graphics, so it's hard to see. But after all, from hiring people, saving money to building cities, etc., this is for those who love city development games and have a lot of patience.

  • Download link: iOS / Android link seems to be error, you Android try to search game on Play Store okay!


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