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Summary of remarkable mobile game in June 1 week

This week invite you to check out some notable new mobile games to play on weekends. I still focus mainly on free games, on Android and iOS platforms.

Benyond Our Lives
Category: Adventure

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This is an adventure game set in beautiful Italy (Tuscany region), players incarnate into archaeological favorite characters who are exploring and going to other famous places of Italy. I will not share in the specific game, because Beyond Our Lives plays "story lines", so players will discover and explore all the answers in the game themselves.

Ritual: Sorcerer Angel
Category: Strategy

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The game is pretty good, the player's task is to use magic to self-learn skills later, but the more skills will be able to make use of many spells, the overall way to play is quite smart. I like Ritual in beautiful, good looking graphics, the soundtrack is also sly, this is the game I like to play the most on this week's list.

Color Land – Build by Number
Category: Building, creative

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Color Land has a very creative play style, you will color the land according to the numbers to be able to arrange your small town to be the most beautiful. Each level and the land and numbers will be denser, wider. Gradually you will have a wide and complete market. Color Land is not only as creative as I said, but also creates a feeling of relaxation when playing by images and colors very cute.

Citytopia ™
Category: Construction, development

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This is the most beautiful city building game on mobile platform that you can access from now on. Citytopia was developed by the long-time game maker Atari after many years, Atari has not been highly appreciated by the game genres that are unpopular in terms of graphics. It can be said that this is a "makeover" of the game image by Atari.

You will build it from small residential areas to skyscrapers, large green parks, and the smartest road and bridge systems. In general, financial issues and tasks in this type of game-style construction almost anyone who played through will know what to do. I only appreciate Citytopia in terms of good image, I am a person who is very boring to develop game genre, but only for the advantage of beauty, I have better experience of playing Citytopia (should play on iPad), will attach Longer bundle.

World of Kings
Category: RPG

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RPG games, MMO, are more and more popular for mobile games in recent years. Worlds of Kings was inspired by many popular titles such as "World of Warcraft", but how to play it backwards compared to other RPG-style games on PC, it is completely applicable to Mobile and has additional "self-mode". combat action, "… from Diablo. Although the RPG world, MMO is too much, but World of Kings will probably be a new color for those who love these types of games.

Category: RPG

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Nexon's latest RPG and RPG, which is because of Nexon, is also the reason for you to download and play it because the OVERHIT's graphics are very beautiful, accompanied by eye-catching skill effects. How to play, I have no words to say much, it. Similar to other RPGs, also build your own strongest squad.

Iron Force 2
Category: Fighting, tanks

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If you are looking for a good tank game for mobile platforms, do not ignore Iron Force 2, a very simple way to play with team 5-5, you and other players will occupy the map, which side takes up a lot most will win. Although simple, it has a very rieneg style that makes players feel bored. Of course it still depends heavily on playing skills and vision control because most other players in the world play very well, if you don't know you will always lose the game.

I wish you a happy gaming weekend!


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