Summary of promotional deals 07/07

Incredible 7000 mAh battery
The Li-Po battery of the Samsung Galaxy M62 is certainly unique when it is difficult for any smartphone to match its ability to operate throughout the day with a full capacity of 7000 mAh. The phone is capable of abstinence and all-day endurance.

Familiar Samsung shape
The phone has the familiar Samsung look, and the frame and back are made of high-quality plastic, providing a more comfortable, comfortable grip for many hours of use.

Perfect beauty support camera
Galaxy M62 brings outstanding camera performance when owning a 64MP main camera with f/1.8 aperture, 12MP 123-degree wide-angle camera, 5MP macro camera and 5MP depth camera.

URL: https://shopee.vn/ai.65589552.6691198569

LG Inverter horizontal drum washing machine 8 kg -FM1208N6W

Selling price: 9,990,000 VND; Reduced: VND 6,799,000

Washing machine type: Horizontal door
Washing tub: Horizontal cage
Washing weight: 8 Kg
Number of users: From 3 to 5 people
Inverter: Yes Inverter
Engine type: Durable & quiet direct drive
Washing technology: 6 motion washing
Convenience: Add items while washing Child lock Washing timer
Power efficiency: 28.1 Wh/kg
Max spin speed: 1200rpm
Material of washing tub: Stainless steel
Case material: High quality steel
Cover material: Tempered glass
URL: https://shopee.vn/abc-i.95303264.9707605475

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro True Wireless Headphones

Selling price: 4,990,000 VND; Reduced: 3,590,000 VND

Samsung Buds Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Headset has a sleek and trendy look in two colors black and white. A new design on a classic headphone shape, it is able to reduce the discomfort of using the headset for many hours, and the headset also sits firmly in the ear when you exercise or exercise. At the same time, the air vents help balance the pressure in the ear and increase the air flow, creating a soft and comfortable feeling when used.

Samsung headphones let you comfortably make calls and chat with partners and friends without worrying about noise with Active Noise Canceling technology that impressively filters up to 99% of ambient noise. Besides, you can choose ANC levels to increase or decrease the appropriate sound according to each space depending on different levels. This results in the best call quality on a wireless headset and clear voice transmission, even when you’re calling at home or out. Moreover, the headset also has a built-in 3 mic system and a voice pickup unit (Voice Pickup Unit), helping to convey every word in the most complete way. Moreover, the headset has a modern and advanced windbreak solution that blocks the sound of the wind during calls, allowing you to enjoy a more perfect sound quality.

URL: https://shopee.vn/Ear-Listen-Bluetooth-True-Wireless-Samsung-Galaxy-Buds-Pro-H-C3-A0ng-Ch-C3-ADnh-H-C3-A3ng-i.65589552.10605234511

Garmin Forerunner 945

Selling price: 14,990,000 VND; Reduced: 11,595,000 VND

The Forerunner 945 is a GPS smartwatch designed for riders, reviewers, elites. We’ve created this watch for you: dawn runners and qualified triathletes. While you chase your next win, make sure you’ve got the right tool for the job.

Take your favorite tracks with you while you’re running. Sync your carefully crafted playlists from selected music streaming services — like Deezer and Spotify, and listen to more ad-free music. You can even store up to 1000 songs right on the watch and convert music from your computer library. Then organize your favorite playlists for easy listening through Bluetooth enabled headphones.

The Forerunner 945 tracks your performance and even provides your own insightful commentary, so you can train smarter, with less strain.
The smartwatch tracks your VO2 max and adjusts the value based on temperature and altitude.
Training Status assesses your recent training history and performance metrics to let you know if you’re training effectively, achieving, or exceeding. See how your workouts affect development How endurance, speed, and strength develop with feedback on training performance for both aerobic and anaerobic.

URL: https://tiki.vn/dong-ho-thong-minh-theo-doi-van-dong-theo-doi-suc-khoe-garmin-forerunner-945-hang-chinh-hang-den-0100206370-p19266484. html? spid = 67360753 & utm_source = google & utm_medium = cpc & utm_campaign = SEA_NBR_GGL_SMA_DTP_ALL_VN_ALL_UNK_UNK_C.ALL_X.10625984613_Y.106657549322_V.67360753_W.c_A.1258687267801_O.UNK & gclid = EAIaIQobChMIndGeiYLQ8QIVTaWWCh3ciAXqEAQYASABEgJ3m_D_BwE

Pureit Casa G2 . water purifier

Selling price: 6,800,000 VND; Reduced: VND 5,209,000


PUREWATEK monolithic filtration technology includes 6 preeminent filtration steps, committed to 100% American standard water
– Primary Sediment Filter (SF): Removes visible dirt, extending the life of the activated carbon filter.
– Primary activated carbon filter: Removes chlorine and organic compounds such as pesticides while absorbing substances that cause odors and strange tastes in water.
– Secondary Activated Carbon Filter: Remove dirt, residual small impurities and improve the shelf life of RO Membrane
– RO reverse osmosis membrane: Removes dissolved salts, pesticides and heavy metals such as Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, reduces hardness, and removes bacteria, viruses, and parasites.
– TDS dissolved solids concentration regulator: With Mineral Balance technology (TDS regulator) adds essential minerals to the water after filtration, keeping the water delicious and safe for the whole family your family.
– Microfiltration Membrane (MF): Microfiltration membrane is added after the RO filtration step to ensure that the water is disinfected not only once but twice. The exclusive PUREWATEK technology of the Pureit water purifier brand helps to warn 15 days in advance and automatically shuts off the water when the filter cartridge is at full capacity, ending the risk of using dirty water due to forgetting to change the filter and just changing the core times/ 1 year (6000L) makes it more convenient and economical to use
URL: https://shopee.vn/-Code-77ELSALE1-discount-5-single-3TR-Water Purifier-Pureit-Casa-G2-i.235597302.7034787883


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