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Preorder Aukey products

Reduce to 1 million

Immediately discount 1 million when ordering Aukey accessories products from October 1 to 11, 2019. You are in need of shopping for technology accessories, especially for MacBook and iPhone users should not ignore this program. There is also a program to buy a cup, backup battery charger PD fast, QC 3.0 offers free C-Lightning cable and hundreds of other attractive deals.

URL: https://c.lazada.vn/t/c.11mA?intent…2o4n.10441748.0.0.97b45571Mv6xUA&wh_weex=true

ORCO Leather Mouse Pads (Leather mousepad) (16.5 x 20.5cm)

Price of 145,000 VND decreased VND 109,000

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ORCO genuine leather mouse pads have a surface made entirely of leather, smooth, feeling good and tidy, providing a sense of comfort for hands even when using the mouse for a long time, high material Levels should ensure durability and increase use time.

URL: https://shopee.vn/Piece-Lot-mouse-b…usepad)-(16.5-x-20.5cm)-i.99249805.2296219126

Mocato M202 Anti-Close Led Light

The selling price of 490,000 dong decreased 290,000 VND

Led Mocato M202 with 3 light modes and can adjust 5 different brightness levels, better protect the eyes with appropriate brightness. Switch on and off only one switch, memory brightness when turning on the light. Built-in battery of 2,000 mAh for continuous lighting time of about 4 hours – 14 hours.

URL: https://tmtshop.vn/products/den-led-chong-can-mocato-m202

Children Clocks Mocato W11

Price of 490,000 VND decreased 290,000 VND

Mocato W11 watch with 2-way voice support, IP67 waterproof, send voice or text messages as easily as you are using zalo, viber, management via the app on your parents' phone . Battery standby time is estimated at 70 hours.

URL: https://phukienhay.vn/products/dong-ho-dinh-en-tre-em-mocato-w11

Aukey backup battery PB-XD12 10,000 mAh

Price reduced 693,000 VND (additional discount flash sale from 16:00)

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Aukey PB-XD12 adds microUSB input source port compared to PB-XD10 version, and has an additional USB-A port for the output source. The battery still supports the USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 port along with the USB-C input port and the output also supports USB Power Delivery 3.0.

Product link here

Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Black

Price reduced 12,490,000 VND

iPhone 7 Plus is still favored by hardware with A10 chip, 5.5 "Full HD screen, dual 12 MP rear camera with two focal lengths with main camera cluster with optical stabilization, 4K video recording.

Product link here

Anker PowerCore Speed ​​20000 PD A1275 power bank

Price of 1,900,000 VND reduced 1,519,000 VND

Anker PowerCore Speed ​​20000 PD version of the Nintendo Power Bank provides full charging power at 22.5W, up to 30W for charging both for the MacBook and Nintendo Switch. With an input power of up to 30w, it only takes you 4 hours to fully recharge Anker PowerCore Speed ​​20000 PD when used up.

Product link here

Anti-vibration gimbal for Zhiyun Smooth Q2 phone

The price of 3,290,000 VND decreased 2,600,000 VND

Zhiyun Smooth Q2 is a phone-mounted balancing device that allows you to fit in a jacket pocket or pants pocket. The device weighs only 380 g, supports 360-degree rotation with 3 axes for high stability including tilt, roll and PAN, providing the ability to create more interesting and attractive scenes. In addition, Zhiyun Smooth Q2 has outstanding functions such as Motion Lapse, Time Lapse, POV shot, Multimode, Vortex mode, Object tracking, Dolly zoom.

Product link here

Tiross TS6211 15 bar pressure coffee maker

The selling price is VND 3,553,000 reduced 1,990,000 VND

The Tiross TS6211 coffee maker creates standard Espresso cups with a pressure of 15 bar, fast heating time, can create 2 shots of coffee at the same time. TS6211 has a pressure panel for good control of each intake cycle during reconstitution.

Product link here

Drill Bosch GBM 320

Price of 985,000 VND reduced 611,000 VND

The Bosch Professional GBM 320 320W drill has a drill bit made of solid and durable steel alloy, for a long time of use. The outer shell of the machine is made of durable plastic, is durable, does not deform when subjected to strong impact so users can feel secure to use for a long time. The machine operates with a capacity of 320W, idling speed of 4200 rpm, helps you drill accurately and strongly on surfaces of wood, plastic …

Product link here

Sony ExtraBass XB01 Bluetooth Speaker

Price of 799,000 ₫ reduced VND 640,000

Sony XBX01 Bluetooth Speaker with compact design, Extra Bass sound technology for powerful bass. Machine for up to 6 hours of use, IPX5 splash-proof design.

Product link here

Bitis Hunter X Midnight Women's Shoes DSW056733DEN

The selling price of 907,000 VND decreased 499,000 VND

Bitis Hunter X with LiteFoam technology, Phylon material increases smoothness and gossip. The product line still includes features such as 3-layer mesh straps, 3D printing technology, EVA foam lining, slotted rubber outsole to reduce slip, good adhesion.

Product link here

Logitech B170 wireless mouse

Price of 180,000 VND reduced 99,000 VND


Logitech B170 wireless mouse connects via 2.4 GHz USB receiver in a range of up to 10 meters, AA batteries for up to 12 months of use, is compatible with many devices that support USB-A ports and many different operating systems.

Product link here

trug.dt@gmail.com (Minh Dự.)

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