Summary of problems when using Wifi

Summary of problems when using Wifi

Many wifi errors on the computer are usually not too complicated, even though they do not know the technology, ordinary users can still quickly repair them themselves if they know the correct error and follow the correct direction. quoted in the article that Taimienphi presented below.

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In the process of using the laptop to connect to the network, sometimes the Wifi problem suddenly happens that will definitely make you feel uncomfortable, especially when you are in need of handling important jobs.

Control all the valves when using wifi

Summary of wifi errors on the computer

In this article, Taimienphi has summarized the common wifi errors on the computer and made a list and specifically divided according to the identification signs, for you to quickly look up and fix.

Fix wifi error on personal computer

1. The computer cannot find the required Wifi name

Users can quickly fix it wifi error on computer this by going to the item Control Panel choose Network and Internet . Continue to choose Network and Sharing then enter Manage Wireless Networks .

Control all the valves when using wifi 2

In case when you open the window you see the name of the Wifi you want to connect to, then please right click on the icon, select the card Properties and bookmark the item Connect even if the network is not broadcasting its name (SSID ), save the settings.

In case the Wifi name doesn’t show up in the list, simply click on the item Add in the window Manage Wireless Networks and enter the information in the required form.

2. Wifi icon appears a red slash or exclamation point

People who meet wifi error on computer This will often see a red crossed or exclamation wave bar image when you click on the Wifi icon. This error is also relatively common and is not difficult to fix.

All the valves when using wifi 3

First, you need to check whether your computer has opened the Wifi connection function or not. At the same time turn off the Router and wait for a minute and then reboot. If you have tried both of these methods and still fail, then chances are your computer is missing a driver that needs reinstalling, refer Update Driver here.

3. Wifi signal flicker, even completely lost

Actually, this is not quite the same wifi error on computer Because Wifi waves have a certain range and will be weaker if you are too far away, blocked by walls, objects in the room or interference by other electronic objects.

All the valves when using wifi 4

To fix this error, rearrange the objects, place the Wifi in a high and open position, with few obstructions. At the same time, you can purchase additional range extenders for support.

4. Lost or forgotten Wifi password

This error is mainly on the user’s side, in this case the only way is to restore the Router’s settings to factory defaults or reset your Wifi Modem.

All the valves when using wifi 5

When you look at the back of the Router, you will see a small “reset button”. Use a toothpick or pin and press on it and hold for a few seconds. The Router’s signal light will flash and reset the settings to default, now use the default username and password of the device to log in and reset as desired. You should change the wifi password regularly to avoid forgetting the password you set.

5. Wifi routers often turn off suddenly

It can be said that the Wifi Router is a durable electronic device, operates continuously 24/24 and radiates relatively large heat. If the vents are clogged with objects or dirt, the Router will often experience sudden shutdown errors. Overcome wifi error on computer This is very simple, you should turn off the device to rest, clean and restart.

All the valves when using wifi 6

This error may also appear that the configuration of the device is not good, now you can reset the Router and reset it accordingly.
Above are just 5 wifi error on computer common that users often encounter, in addition there are still other errors but less common will be introduced by Taimienphi in detail in other articles. Hope this article will help you fix the wifi error on your computer.


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