Summary of pictures of the opening of the new look of Phong Vu Thai Ha Showroom

Summary of pictures of the opening of the new look of Phong Vu Thai Ha Showroom

On July 1, 2021, Showroom Thai Ha – one of the first showrooms of Phong Vu in the North was officially changed to a new look. With a very modern and innovative form but still retains the inherent identity of dedication and professionalism in serving customers, Phong Vu Thai Ha 2.0 will be a premise for other showrooms in the future to have can develop accordingly.

Participating in the introduction of the new look with the participation of 2 KOLs – Streamer is very famous in the gaming community, Mimosa Chu (Chu Viet Dung) and Thao Nari (Ma Huong Thao), both of these KOLs will bring them We take a walk around the areas of the new showroom

Here are some key photos at the showroom’s introduction of the new look

Phong Vu always adheres to Covid-19 prevention measures

Audio experience area, smart watch

TV and home appliances area

Area for equipment, solutions for office – business

PC Experience Area, one in the areas that Streamers are most interested in because this is where they often have to work. To get quality content to play on platforms to audiences, powerful computers are always one of the essentials.

The mobile storage device area is arranged very conveniently for customers to refer to.

Glass experience areaVirtual reality (VR) is very interesting to both KOLs because of the attraction of the game

PS4 experience area, hereIt is also an area that is very noticeable because during the introduction, the guests had the opportunity to interact and play with their fans.

The streamer is very excited with lovely mini portable speakers displayed on the shelves.

As for Mimosa, he loves a large, lean, “sticky” portable speaker for playing music in a large space to enjoy with many people around.

Don’t forget the discount program up to 45% when buying at the store from now until the end of July 15, 2021.


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