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Summary of Livestream content "Instructions to buy wireless headphones completely – true wireless"

Hello brothers, last night June 20, I and the @AudioPsycho mod had a livestream about the criteria to buy a true wireless headset – for what needs, features and of course lack of some outstanding products, in each price segment so you can easily go out to shop, try it out, … Of course, don't forget to subscribe to the Channel Audio on Youtube, just move out. so few people know. All headphones review reviews (especially true wireless ones that appear in this article), the speakers will be uploaded to it all, subscribe for easy tracking.

Criteria to buy the first true wireless headset: How much is it?

First when you think about buying a true wireless headset is definitely the price. How much are you willing to spend, how much? The goal is to shape the segment of headphones that you will "reach", such as about 2-3 million, or try to get 5 million, .. depending on each person. I only have one note that you do not expect too much hope for the good, cheap, cheap headphones on the internet. If you want to find a true wireless headset with less than 500k or 1 million, no name is not sure, you will have to sacrifice a lot of features, low quality, fast battery and it will die unexpectedly at the time I don't know. Called investment, you should find something to spend on it for a long time, right, brother

Criteria to buy the second true wireless headset: Is it comfortable to wear?

The second thing you have to consider is is that true wireless headset born for you? In the market today, there are many types of headphones, but not all headphones, fit your ears. Even an easy-to-wear headset like the AirPods that my ears don't fit, I have to insist that the brothers boldly go out to the shop, listen to it, it's very important. Do not just stop at watching online review and buying online, like catching blindfolded eyes!

Criteria to buy a third true wireless headset: What features are really useful?

Thirdly, do you compare, try to see how many true wireless headphones I like to see if it has any features or not? If a little extra, about 3 million or more, you have started to have many interesting features such as touch control, automatically stop the music when removing from the ear, preventing noise, listening to sounds from the outside environment, Decoding high quality music, … in general is very much.

The true wireless headset features don't stop there, they also show up in other aspects like connection speed, stability, latency. Some of these must be tested to choose the product that you like.

Some other criteria

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If you choose to buy a true wireless headset for sports, you should be aware of the strength when lying on your ear, as well as its weight, is it too heavy, causing an earache?

The second is water resistance, does the product have any certification, water resistance and water resistance, can it be thrown into the pool? The goal is to make you feel more secure when you go to play sport, but absolutely not throw it into the water : D

The third is sound quality, you choose to buy a true wireless headset for training, choose in-ear type, a little bass. It not only brings positive energy to your training sessions but also overwhelms the noise when we move, contributing to the comfort of using. If the headset is also fully equipped with control, that is, you can play / pause, skip / skip, increase / decrease the volume right above the headset, it will be great. For example, Bose Soundsport Free or Powerbeats Pro, all features are on headphones, bears and are very convenient.

Some of the village's gold faces have a wireless headset right now

Price segment below 3 million VND

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– Samsung Galaxy Buds: the number one true wireless headset in the price range of about 2 million that I can't help but mention is Galaxy Buds. This is the most drowned headset in 2018, a lot of smart features, compact, good sound quality, intuitive and wearable Samsung software. Brothers who use Android will compete to take away Galaxy Buds, really good price.

+ Pros: Smart, compact size, easy to wear, good sound quality, playing with Android, can fit women
+ Bad: Easy to dirty, not playing with iOS, minor errors

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Tiso i4 is on the left. Even though I'm very dear to you, I have to scold the stupid charger box

– Tiso i4: The cheapest product I introduced during the livestream. The price is only seven hundred thousand but it impresses me because of its tiny size, while the connection ability is very good, the sound is good. Its battery life is also 4 hours of continuous music playback, not bad at all. Tiso i4 is a rare product that I want to introduce to you, which is limited, not wanting to invest much in headphones. There will be a detailed review on the Audio channel : D

+ Pros: Call virtual assistant, small size, stable sound quality, 4h battery to listen to music continuously, too cheap price, suitable for women
+ Nhược: Box design is quite dense

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– Skullcandy Indy: This child is brand new, because I have just received it before livestream, but I am extremely excited because the performance on its price is too good. The 2 million range that you have almost all the features of a Bose Soundsport Free is a double price: explosive sound, comfortable wearing, waterproof, can be worn for exercise. Skullcandy Indy also has touch control and battery life of about 4 hours, so good if you can't buy Galaxy Buds at a good price. : D There will be a separate review.

+ Pros: comfortable, sturdy, IPX4 waterproof, explosive sound, rich in detail, touch control, fit for women
+ Nhược: Charger box is poorly completed, still using Micro-USB port

Price segment under VND 6 million (many options)

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– Apple AirPods: You try to get about 3-4 million, you can't help but introduce AirPods, a very good headset for daily use needs with countless points such as easy wearing, extremely fast connection, extreme conversation good, buffalo battery (if not too sloppy). Any brother who tries to get AirPods 2, has an H1 chip, wireless charger, etc., is more and more good, but for you just barely enough money, AirPods 1 is already very happy, rest assured : D Of course, AirPods is only for iOS users, Android users are hard to watch the next ones.

+ Pros: Wearing super comfortable, clear conversation, very good playing with iPhone, iPad, and female phones
+ Nhược: No water, medium sound, easy to lose, easy to fall, especially if sweating, not playing with Android

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– Free TicPods: This is the number one choice for non-iOS users, because it is equipped with many smart features such as controlling volume by swiping, automatically stopping music when removing from the ear, balanced sound quality, time 4-hour battery, IPX5 waterproof, fashionable colors, … Any device that works well is the reason I highly appreciate Free TicPods. It's just a little stupid at watching movies, you respond that it's lagging compared to the picture, unfortunately : D

+ Pros: Many features, fashion design, comfortable wearing, sound quality, water resistance IPX5, can fit women
+ Nhược: High latency, watching movies are not good, water-proof but not suitable to go to exercise, Micro-USB charging port

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– Sony WF-1000X: The old flagship of Sony, it's a pity that the problem of its disconnection is still as intact as it was when it was first released. You imagine that it dropped too much and the shark bitten the cable out of the sea, when using it, it should be noted that sitting neatly in one place will limit much. The rest of this WF-1000X is really delicious, luxurious design, excellent sound quality, good noise resistance. According to me, if you buy old WF-1000X, it is fine, but please check the battery and charger box time, because this model of Sony has been too long, the new version has just been revealed here. : D

+ Pros: Luxury design, excellent sound quality, noise-proof, customizable for many things in Sony Music app, fit for women
+ Cons: Bad connection quality, battery may not be good if purchased old

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– RHA TrueConnect: true wireless headphones from the UK, great finishing quality from charging boxes to housing, 5 hour battery life for headphones and 20 hours for charger boxes, IPX5 waterproof standards are always available Play sports also, warm, rich, detailed sound quality, listen to the second best in price range (behind Sony WF-1000X only). However, a housing gadget from TrueConnect is a bit big, not just a female, but some small male ears may not fit well. You should shop for a test : D

+ Pros: Excellent finishing quality, good sound quality, long battery, waterproof IPX5, can be worn for exercise, great value for money
+ Nhược: Housing is big, can not fit into women, a button to assign many functions so it is not very friendly

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– Bose SoundSport Free: an old Bose product has been released since 2016 but you love the lively, colorful sound of the company, and need headphones to exercise, just buy it. I like the SoundSport Free eartip not getting deep in the ears, so its soundstage is very spacious, airy, fresh while the bass is still deep, deep and spread out, extremely happy. With the current age, I think you should hunt for a good deal, but the original price of SoundSport Free up to 5 million is too harsh.

+ Pros: Good finishing quality, comfortable wearing, many features, good exercise, can fit women
+ Disadvantages: It is not convenient to use daily and housing, the hard button presses the hand, quite outdated

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– Sony WF-SP700N: another true wireless representative from Japan. The point I appreciate in this SP700N is that its sound pipe is deep inside the ear but it is still very comfortable, as long as you choose the right eartip. Among the true wireless headphones at this price range, I found the SP700N to be the most rugged and worn. It belongs to the Extra Bass line of headphones, so the sound quality is … beating the brain too. However, active noise protection is not really necessary, so this depends on your preference.

+ Pros: Good finishing quality, most comfortable wearing, anti-noise, violent sound, good exercise, can fit women
+ Nhược: Not for gentle music genres, the design is not really eye-catching, petty errors

Price segment is under VND 10 million

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– Powerbeats Pro: a few days ago, the brother of the Apple AirPods was so busy that it was no stranger. It must be said at its $ 250 price range, at the present time it is very difficult for any competitor to overcome, from excellent finishing quality, unused 9-hour battery, H1 chip to connect extremely fast with Beats to Beats' powerful sound are now tweaked for more detailed, brighter details. You use iOS with lots of extra money, this is the brightest choice in the current wireless market. Well, I don't want to buy it, but Apple is selling this drip so you have to wait a long time : D

+ Pros: excellent finishing quality, strong wearing, many smart features, very standard to go to exercise, perfect couple with iOS
+ Cons: big headphones, wearing can be uncomfortable, the charger is too oversized, can not fit women, does not play with Android

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-Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless: true wireless coverage by this time. The compliments for it were too much, I don't need to say more. You don't have to pay money for high-end audio, Momentum True Wireless won't disappoint you. You can see the detailed review of Momentum True Wireless from @ pro-k : D

+ Pros: perfect
+ Cons:?


We get a good question from a audience who is hearing how true headphones will grow in the future. In my opinion, in the coming time, true wireless headphones will be even cheaper, equipped with more intelligent features. The average price of a true wireless product has dropped from about 4-5 million to 2tr5 – 3 million, which is praiseworthy because it is becoming more accessible, can anyone have a listening experience? wire completely. Wish you find a good true wireless headphone and a happy weekend. Subscribe, subscribe, remember to subscribe to Sophisticated Audio channels on Youtube, important things to repeat three times. Thank you, brother : D


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