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Summary of Journey to the East book

Journey to the East is a book written by Professor Baird T. Spalding who recorded the tour with the Royal British team – the best and most prestigious people at the prestigious Oxford University to the region. Indian lands and surrounding areas to explore the mystical world does not explain or prove by experimental science. The book is adapted by Professor John Vu (real name Vu Van Du, titled Nguyen Phong).

The book was first published by Adyar India Publishing House in 1924. The book has caused a controversial public opinion not only in England but also in Europe and America. Then, because of self-love and face-to-face, the British government banned the release of this book in the United Kingdom, and then World War II occurred, the book was not republished in any other publishing house in the world. The Vietnamese version (edited by Nguyen Phong in 1974, published in 1987 after 85 years of loss) and the English version (published in 2009). The book is rated as one of the most beautiful and unique contemporary works of Eastern culture.

The story of the Royal Family not believing in the spiritual and mystical things of the East should send the best scientists at that time to find the truth. And the destination is India, then the British colony.

India is a underdeveloped country, has thousands of different Taoism and anyone can shave their heads, begging themselves to be called monks, clergy, even saints or the likes of Shakyamuni. In particular, those who are miserable to go to work to make food are based on the unbelief of the people with hoaxes or unrighteous wrongs. Some people study a few sutras, gather a few of the almanac's almanac and know some of the three offerings, some know some hoaxes … And the more flamboyant ones are the lowest, do tarnish Eastern cultural beliefs.

One of the monks, who bore a snake-ringing flute, the ferocious cobra swung from the cloth basket, but was actually bent, fed with opium and trained to earn rice. for the lower class.

Someone in the name of God asks the people to pay for this and build magnificent temples for them.

It took two years for the team to feel disappointed because they only witnessed the gossip. Until one day he met someone who seemed unusual, saying that he was sent to the professor by a Buddhist Master and began to take the group on a journey to find the mysteries.

One of the lessons is that Yoga is a science, not only are the postures of wrestling the body into difficult postures, but the beauty of Yoga is to meditate from within to refresh the body in a real way. rather than exercising mighty like exercise.

Hatha Yoga is a method to help master the body. Raja Yoga helps to master the spirit. Hatha Yoga clears the way for Raja Yoga.

Westerners choose subjects such as weightlifting to make the body firm but only bring out its appearance and Yoga creates a soul and a body from the inside.

Mindfulness? Keeping yourself from working badly is easy, but it is difficult to keep your mind from thinking badly, and require extraordinary efforts.

The earth is tilted 23 degrees, the sun is 5,500 degrees Celsius, the moon is 380,000 kilometers from Earth. Everything is a perfect arrangement of nature and only if the earth does not tilt properly 23 degrees, there are no 4 spring and autumn winter, or the earth is closer to the sun, everything is burned, or the moon More close to the earth is not only the tide but all continents will be submerged in water.

Salmon are born in fresh water, follow the water flow to the sea and when they mature, swim to the source.

Sea eels are born in ponds and canals, when they grow up they make a trip to the Bermuda Islands. To come here, an eel in Europe must exceed 4,000km and Asia must exceed 8,000km. Arriving, they reproduce and die. The eels returned to the correct "fatherland of the ancestors" miraculously and unbelievably.

The chiefs perform for the delegation such as disappearing the heartbeat completely, some people hold their breaths monthly on the bottom of the lake or buried in a coffin. Someone sat in the air, only thanks to a stick on the ground. Some people bring enough scents from all over the world even though the room is empty, even turning out bunches of grapes in their hands … All the most knowledgeable scientists don't believe their eyes. All that magic, the person doing it will have to pay a high price if he goes to deceive people.

Teacher, boy. A true monk does not have a bad disciple, and a smart disciple does not look for a dishonest teacher.

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There are experimental science that cannot be proved, does not mean that it does not exist, it belongs to cosmic science. Photo source: hendrikslegtenhorst.com

The Masters (Rishi) hide themselves in the depths of the mountain with the cup, some live for hundreds of years, not to shun away from the earth to live peacefully, but they maintain humanity in a spiritual way. In the spiritual world, death is not over. Death is moving from one state to another. Our bodies are alive or dead when we die to be material forms. There are souls who do not accept that they are dead, sometimes hanging around at home to suffer when they see family members are happy and I cannot even eat what I want to eat. Some people suffer when they see the beetles destroy their bodies. So, cremation is the best. Some people suffer because they read the meaning of relatives that they are really happy because of their death because they poured a burden. The reason is that the dead can read the thoughts of relatives because souls and thoughts have the same physical state.

Children who lost were often frolicking around their parents, around the house and not even aware of their deaths. They regenerate quickly and often reincarnate into the same family due to many predestined relationships. A mother who miscarrows because of an unintended incident, often the baby stays around her mother and reincarnates when she has the opportunity. In the case of abortion, the baby is frustrated because he does not understand why his mother harmed him.

Creator created everything but never determined the fate of anyone. Everything is caused by the nucleus – whoever reaps it. Don't think life and death should wear what to come will come. Every living thing in the world welcomes a new life with a property called Karma. In previous lives, a person who was at a loss of virtue, a karma of this life was heavy, but if he cultivated the virtue of virtue, he could completely end his career, not all his life to be bitter.

Sudeih Babu, a monk, says that there will be a big upheaval in the history of mankind for every last quarter. Then he cited the stories: In 1275, Roger Bacon launched the Cultural Renaissance movement. In 1375, Christian Rosenkreuz spread this culture widely, leaving Europe out of the Middle Ages. Francis Bacon studied science and in 1578 used English instead of Latin to disseminate scientific knowledge. In 1789, the French revolution exploded, changing European history completely. In 1875, Darwin created the Theory of Evolution … Babu also said that every human being is associated with heavenly stars and every thing we do is reflected by the stars. It is astrology.

Alexandre the Great, who conquered the world and came out at 14 years old. He is a student of Aristotle philosopher. In one conversation with the teacher:

– I will win over Egypt and Turkey.

– Then what? – Aristotle replied

– After that, I can sleep peacefully.

– Why don't you sleep peacefully tonight – Aristotle smiles

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Alexander the Great. Photo source: Wikipedia

Rishikesh, a sacred name, city of saints.

There is a doctor who specializes in the treatment of incurable diseases, one day having to succumb to a girl's illness. The moment she witnessed the young girl breathe her last breath because a woman appeared with a dazzling aura and the doctor realized it was the worldly Mother. He carries many different titles such as the Blessed Mother of God, the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara of Buddhism, the Buddha of Avalokiteshvara of Hinduism. He is the second person of God and manifests compassion, charity, always responding to the prayers of sentient beings.

Ram Gopal Mukundar is a famous Taoist who can cure all diseases. He founded a monastery (Ashram) on the outskirts of Rishikesh. The diseases such as broken hands must obviously come to Western medicine but the incurable diseases that come to this institute, Ram Gopal asks immediately to remove all to go to the hospital with only one suit. who, needless to know if he is a slave or a king. Come here, just have lunch and drink water every day. Such diseases are caused by deteriorating health. Because people do not have disease at first. To fight the disease, it is necessary to have a healthy life and regular physical activity. Even drinking less water because water is pumped throughout the body through the heart, drinking less water, the heart works less. In yoga there is a posture to plant a banana to let blood flow to the brain instead of having the heart contract. This position also helps the heart reduce the load.

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Yoga is not a physical exercise, do not just exercise aggressively to sweat. Photo source: Kenh14.vn

A young boy stayed with a Taoist, one day the Taoist teacher told him to stay at home to take care of his spiritual practice. Because of his moral lifestyle, he had only one loincloth covering his body, but he was bitten by the rat. Seeing that, the villagers gave him the cat. From there with the rats, I had to ask for milk to raise cats. The villagers gave him a cow to get milk for cats. Then there must be grass land for cows. Then everything became like a plantation with cows, with grass, with grass-cutting workers … And he could no longer cultivate. Until the day the hermit returned and said, "just because of the rottenness, you must bind yourself to these things." Then the two teachers and students dispose of all to go to Tuyet Son mountain. That boy was Ram Gopal and that was the lesson that made him ask people to seek treatment for him to throw away all because death would not bring anything and regret to work on it. death.

Hamud is a magician with a very wide knowledge of the invisible realm. Then the delegation also came to this magician. The magus met the group and pulled out the wool and wool twine and put it in a corner and then talked. People began to talk about the evil subject and the karma when we were killing and eating the fish and meat that had been exhausted to become a lifelong life, the heavy karma now that we swallowed that karma. it is heavier. While fruits and vegetables are growing thanks to the air and sap essence, swallowing them makes us more purified. He also said that we only try to eat rice with vegetables for a week, not to eat the whole spice will see the other body change positively. Talking for a while, the woolen roll earlier became a shirt with clumsy knitting lines and embroidered with the name Mortimer, a professor in the delegation. Hamud said, the shirt was knitted by a soul and Mortimer's name was the highest skeptic in the group about what Hamud had said. He also proved by never saying anyone in the group. Hamud added, he did not dictate the devil and did not go to the yin and yang realms because the yin and yang existed at one point, just different from the form. Hamud met the spirits to help them escape.

Unexpectedly, the delegation received the summons from the United Kingdom urgently folded and asked Oxford to end this visit immediately because someone posted the image of the most knowledgeable British scientists "kneeling. listen to the Taoist instructor ". Scientists are very shocked about this decision because they are gradually discovering many problems. Frustrated, Professor Spalding wandered around and suddenly met the Indians, who at first showed the cheap cheats for "moralists" to where to go to meet the righteous Taoists. This Indian man automatically told what the delegation had experienced in the professor's amazement. Unable to wait, the professor asked:

– What if we want to continue the journey?

– Why do you keep asking me "what to do?", "How to do it?". If you want, just go.

Human destiny always has big changes, although it is not clear but we still accidentally reach the target. Less than two weeks later, the delegation arrived in Potar, just off the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, leaving behind all their fame, status, great prejudice and inherent pride in the West.

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Is it true that after the Tuyet Son mountain, are true Masters? Photo source: Wikipedia

Their journey to the East began.

The idea of ​​going through such a long journey, just going to meet the Masters is to find the solution. But after much hardship, it is only now that they give up all to find the ego. And then did they find out, whether the Masters are real or just idols or just supernatural invisible gods, not the naked eyes. All is still a mystery until today. Well then, please live well and have a good time.

Slow breathing, long life

Think deeply, live well

Vu Hoang Tam, recording the feelings after reading this special book.

"Please knock on the door, open it and find it."


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