Summary of interesting tips on Galaxy S9 users should not ignore
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Summary of interesting tips on Galaxy S9 users should not ignore

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By the end of February, Samsung had officially launched a pair of smartphones that they invested heavily in, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +. This year, the Korean manufacturer decided to focus on the features and imaging capabilities to help the Galaxy S9 duo attract users and compete well with Apple’s popular iPhone line.

So, in addition to the super camera built into this Galaxy S9, there are also interesting features for this product to compete with Apple. Let’s take a look at a series of new and useful features that are present on the Galaxy S9 flagship duo.

1. The main screen interface can be rotated naturally

The main screen interface can rotate naturally

Accordingly, with this new smartphone users can rotate the device without having to manipulate as complex as the old phones. Along with that, multitasking applications can also be used easily without having to turn the screen when you want to open another application. This feature is on the Galaxy S9 by default so you will easily experience this new feature.

2. Customize with navigation bar

Customize with navigation bar

If the old smartphone is where the navigation bar below the screen of the phone as Home – Back – Recent apps. They seem quite boring and nothing new. But a big change for the Galaxy S9 at this navigation key is to easily adjust and change their order.

To install you can access: Settings >> Display >> Navigation bar. From the order of commands (Overview – Home – Back) to (Back – Home – Overview).

With the touch-sensitive Home button, you can also turn it into a “hard” key with a custom force change that works for you. It can work even when you’re viewing full screen content or a phone. you are sleeping.

3. Many unlocking options with “biometrics”

Many unlocking options with "biometrics"

Samsung Galaxy 9 is a product that brings together the most interesting features for biometric unlocking, you can install to open the phone with your face, fingerprint sensor or even iris scan. Depending on your preferences and conditions of use, you can set up. To set you up, follow the instructions below.

You go to: Settings >> Lock screen and security >> Screen lock type. We can select three types of unlocking at the same time. It is amazing is not it.

4. Disable Bixby

Disable Bixby

Just like Apple’s Siri virtual assistant or Microsoft’s Cortana, Samsung’s Bixby virtual assistant is also built into the device’s operating system. You can use voice, text, touch, or make requests because Bixby can understand it all.

However, if you want to turn them off, it is quite easy to do some of the following:

You return to the main screen on the left (or press Bixby to launch it) >> click on settings >> turn off Bixby when the conversion dialog appears >> Open the settings bar and turn off Bixby Voice >> long press on the area blank the theme screen into edit mode> turn off Bixby via the switch.

5. Secure directory

Security directory

With this flagship duo you absolutely can rest assured with the security features of configuration files, images without going through third parties. To set you up: Settings >> Screen lock and security >> Security folders. You can access the folder with a fingerprint, password or open with the iris scan that you have set before.

6. More powerful with multitasking

  More powerful with multitasking

With multitasking mode, you can run many applications at the same time very conveniently. While watching Youtube while surfing Facebook, texting and watching videos at the same time … don’t miss this unique feature, Galaxy S9 supports multi-window features. However, this feature will be hidden, so to activate you can do the following: Go to Settings >> Advanced features >> Multi window.

Now, just swipe up or down from the corner of the screen to minimize or maximize the application. Absolutely easy and convenient is not it.

7. Anti eye strain at night

  Prevent eye strain at night

One of the extremely useful and popular features is anti-glare at night. Samsung calls this feature the Blue Light Filter, which reduces the intensity of the blue light and causes glare at night and helps you feel more alert.

Activate the favorite feature on this Galaxy S9, you access the following link: Settings> Display> Blue light filter> On. By default, the feature will be set at sunset or at sunrise. However, you can customize the time to automatically switch mode if desired.

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8. Add multiple applications on the screen

Add more applications on the screen

On the Galaxy S9 screen, the default apps are often placed quite far apart and it is difficult for the user to control the location of the application. However, you can completely change this, you can even install some favorite applications on your phone screen. Come on in Settings> Display> Home screen> Home screen grid to set up, arrange as you like.

9. Change the vibration mode for notifications, including notification of incoming calls

Change vibrate mode for notifications, including incoming call notifications

Changing the vibration mode on the Galaxy S9 will be needed in certain cases. To customize the vibration mode according to your personal desires, go to Settings> Sound and Vibration> Vibrate, here you can preview vibration patterns before settings for calls and notifications. Some models also create a distinctive vibrating sound compared to normal, quite interesting for you to experience.

10. Keep the screen bright when looking for long

Keep the screen on while looking for a long time

Already familiar with Samsung smartphones, the Smart Stay feature will always “check” if you are looking at the phone screen or not and will keep the screen bright whenever your eyes are recognized. . It is very useful in case you read a long article without occasionally touching the screen.

You need access Settings> Advanced features> Smart Stay and enable this feature.

11. Change the design of the Google search bar on the home screen

Change the design of the Google search bar on the home screen

By default, the Google search bar on the Galaxy S9 will be white, but if you’re dissatisfied, you can change the color according to your preferences and background images. If desired, you can also change the appearance and density (transparency) of this search bar by clicking The three dots icon to the right of the search bar> Customize.

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