Summary of games worth playing in the early 21st century

Let’s take a look at the 50 most rewarding games of the 21st century that the gaming industry has brought to us.

The world has just passed two decades of the 21st century, but for us gamers, it is a really long time with so many ups and downs in the video game industry. Let’s also check out the 50 games worth playing in the early years of the 21st century.

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Please note, the rating criteria are somewhat subjective of the writer.

50. SingStar (2004)

SingStar was originally a karaoke game series exclusively for PS2, but has since been upgraded to work on PS3 and PS4. When reading here, maybe some of you will ask SingStar what game is that I have never heard of.

Honestly, SingStar did not seem to be very prominent in the Vietnamese market in particular or in the markets of Southeast Asian countries in general at that time. However, with Western countries, for example the US, this is an extremely popular game with more than 12 million players and millions of copies of the game have been sold.

Summary of the most worth playing games of the 21st century - P.1

Talking about Karaoke, this is considered one of the extremely famous trend activities in the early years of the 21st century. There must be millions, even billions of people around the world who love to sing. karaoke, or at least enjoy being able to listen to someone else ‘scream’. That is also one of the advantages that makes this game one of the most outstanding music games. Not only that, SingStar also supports vocal evaluation and scoring, creating a competitive edge for singers to express themselves.

49. Katamari Damacy (2004)

Katamari Damacy is a ‘super weird’ game but no less fun, funny. Developed in the style of ‘arcade game’ from Japan. In this game, you will start with a ball possessing a super powerful suction called Katamari, which can suck everything, emphasize EVERYTHING.

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The more you roll, the more the ball will draw objects together, the more objects you roll, the bigger the ball will swell. You start from smoking small things like apples and dishes and end up with giant office buildings. With the crazy gameplay, the most eccentric but no less lovely, has made Katamari Damacy a masterpiece for the purest in fun of gaming.

One also shared a little more information that very few people knew, this game was originally a small project, for Namco’s school (avoid confusion with Bandai Namco), with a development budget of less than 1 million. USD. But also do not understand why when it was released, it swept all the charts with a high score (from 9 and up) in the reviews of reputable game news sites around the world.

During the past 17 years, from 2004 up to now, there have been many copies of Katamari Damacy released on the market and most of them received many positive reviews. This is also what makes Morm feel very confused and do not understand why an extremely simple ball game can be so successful.

48. Journey (2012)

Journey gives gamers a pure experience, along with the music, color tones and gameplay are quite simple. These are the factors that have contributed to this game being able to create strong emotions and most importantly, convey those feelings to players.

Summary of the most worth playing games of the 21st century - P.1

At the art exhibition held at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Journey is also served as a prime example of art in the video game world.

47. Dead Space (2008)

Dead Space is considered a masterpiece of the horror game series, Morm will try to ‘grab’ her experience after ‘clearing’ this game in a sentence like this: ‘This is a game that brings feelings feeling of extreme tension between the combination of the Resident Evil series and the popular Alien movie series … ‘

Coming to Dead Space, players will transform themselves into Isaac Clarke – a spaceship maintenance engineer – stuck in a giant spaceship and with no way to contact the rescue team. Of course, if it is a space-themed horror game, it is impossible not to mention alien monsters. This ship was attacked by a bizarre creature called Necromorphs, which destroyed the crew and then infiltrated their bodies, turning them into extremely dangerous and fearsome zombies.

Do not be happy when reading the 2 words ‘zombie’ but think quickly that you have the courage to fight them. Necromorphs create more gruesome and frightening corpses than the slow-moving zombie that appears in The Walking Dead series. Overall, Dead Space is very successful in creating for the player a dark, but equally bloody, gruesome survival adventure.

forty six. Limbo (2010)

Limbo is a puzzle horror game worth playing, revolving around a boy running from death. This is probably one of the starting games for the renaissance of the indie game genre, which started in 2010 onwards.

Limbo is designed in a monochrome style and has a relatively short playing time, the main task of the player is quite simple, that is to run a circuit from the beginning of the game to the end of the game, in parallel with timing, rhythm of the game for character navigation and puzzles.

It sounds quite simple, but its difficulty is not that simple at all. The game does not have a clear plot, just a journey from A to B of an unnamed boy, but when playing, many times die. But as Moi said, Limbo started the domination period of the next Indie game series like Inside, Dead Cells …


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