Summary of Apple products in the past few days

Summary of Apple products in the past few days

  • iPhone 11 will have a USB-C connection: in a sync picture on the iPhone screen in iOS13 Beta.
  • iPhone 11 will have 3 "pretty bad" camera clusters and it looks very accurate based on the information that accessory makers started making accessories for iPhone 11 with such a design.
  • Volume up: Apple has come up with a patent that describes their speakers thanks to new materials technology that can produce louder sounds.
  • Apple's iPhone production can be met by factories outside China. That is the official answer of Foxconn concerning concerns that the China-US trade war will affect Apple's iPhone supply. Also related to Foxconn, the CEO and its founder are seeking to reduce their work here to join Taiwan's politics as a Candidate for the presidency in the upcoming election.
  • The newly released Mac Pro was revised for sale in September. But shortly after, Apple fixed the original Autumn calendar. This causes a small amount of anxiety, making people think of the Airpower. Apple fixed the launch date several times and then dropped it. The Mac Pro has just been upgraded after 6 years with the old style and configuration, so it is expected that this new one won't be postponed for any reason.
  • 7 different models of Macbook will be released this year. This code is stored in: A2141, A2147, A2158, A2159, A2179, A2182, and A2251. I am looking forward to a new 16 "5 design. The design has been used for a long time. This is information from papers submitted by Apple to the Eurasian Trade Commission (EEC).
  • Humans everywhere over the past week and the last week are still arguing about the $ 1000 price tag for the new Pro Display XDR screen that Apple has just released, but forget about the 32 "screen with 6K resolution. up to 1200nit and super high contrast.


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