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Summarizing movies and upcoming shows: Spider Man Far from Home, Escape Plan, …

By Friday of the weekend, it is a good time for us to go to the movies with family and relatives in the evening. Please refer to some remarkable movies this week and the next time (mostly action films). Especially Spider Man "Away from home" is being screened at cinemas.

Spider Man: Far From Home (Spiderman away from home)
Opening (July 5) (C13)

Attending this Spider Man movie has a very entertaining nature, beautiful flying action and content with a bit of humor. The content revolves around Peter taking a vacation in Europe, but not yet having a break has to save the city in distress. Beautiful young actress Zendaya also contributed to the role of Michelle the guide for Peter.

Cinema systems: CGV, Galaxy, BHD, Lotte, CineBox, GS

Trading Paint (Legendary racer)
Opening (July 5) (C16)

Sam Munroe is a veteran F1 racer, loved by everyone not only for his talent but also for his straightforward personality. However, Sam's son is "more paradoxical" than him, he is arrogant, thug. Trading Paint will be a conflict between Sam and his son, promising many super cars to watch.

Theater systems: CGV

P Storm (Anti-corruption team 4)
Coming soon (July 12)

After the previous three parts of the Anti-Corruption Team (From Z, S, L, and then P Storm) it still seems like the heat is not over. Part 4 will continue the series "exposing" the badness of Hong Kong society. Ancient Louis (Louis Koo) who plays the role of Luc Chi Liem this time will go to jail to investigate a $ 30 million Hong Kong bribery from the police to free a scandal. Faced with the black society, Luc Chi Liem faces both the police and the authorities, …

Cinema systems: CGV, Galaxy, Lotte, GS

Escape Plan: The Extractors (Defective Plan 3)
Coming soon (July 12)

Stallone, Dave Bautista, 50 Cent, … The familiar names continue to be included in the new Training Plan. This period mission must rescue the girl who was abducted in a prison full of dangers. The prison is also a difficult place, has been "set up" carefully because everything knows how to rescue the hostages.

Cinema systems: CGV, Galaxy, Lotte, GS

Through the Looking Glass (Queen of Spades) Through the Looking Glass
Coming soon (July 12)

Russian horror movies, which did quite well in the first part of 2015. Dam Bich (Spades) has specialized in killing children at boarding schools, causing a series of disappearances and leaving the building abandoned when The mystery has no answer. This time the children found an ancient mirror at the school and played with the "Summoning" rituals of Dam Bich despite being warned earlier.

Cinema systems: CGV, Galaxy, BHD, Lotte, GS

It's great to be with you
Coming soon (July 12)

I have no idea about this movie, maybe a complicated love story between many of the main characters in the movie (Harry Lu, B Tran, Oanh Kieu, …). I don't like Vietnamese movies very much, but I still support this movie, suitable for couples who love each other to see

Cinema systems: CGV, Galaxy, Lotte, Cinebox

Fortuna’s Eye (Fate in his eyes)
Coming soon (July 12)

The Japanese film, based on the novel "Fortuna’s Eye" by Hyakuta Naoki, tells about Shinichiro Kiyama who had lost his family since childhood after the plane crash. Until Shinichiro grows up and meets Aoi – the girl he loves, his life has changed completely after a long time of loneliness. Because of the absence of family, Shinichiro sees Aoi as a destined love, a part of Shinichiro's eyes that can see the "destiny" of another person before death, and when he sees Aoi's tragedy about to happen , Shinichiro will have to exchange options to save Aoi …

Cinema systems: CGV, Lotte


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