Suing NATO for using poor uranium bombs causing cancer

Suing NATO for using poor uranium bombs causing cancer

(News 24h) – A former Yugoslavian with cancer filed a lawsuit claiming NATO compensation for using uranium bombs during the 1999 war.

The invasion of Yugoslavia in 1999 has had unpredictable long-term consequences for the people of this republic to this day.

Exploring NATO using uranium bombs has caused cancer
Yugoslav air defense forces hit back at NATO air force. Photo: Wikipedia

On January 20, Serbian lawyer Srdan Aleksic said his client, who is known as “DS, is a former Yugoslav soldier who has filed a lawsuit with” Belgrade Supreme Court against Lien. The North Atlantic Union (NATO) on the alliance’s use of poor uranium bombs during the 1999 invasion of Yugoslavia, leaving the plaintiff with cancer.

“I filed a lawsuit with the High Court of Belgrade for cancer damages in Kosovo and southern Serbia in 2000-2001. The lawsuit was filed against NATO, which has a benevolent legal status. point of view of international law “- This lawyer noted.

According to Attorney Aleksic, “DS” at the time was a military officer, had been in the area bombarded by poor uranium for 201 days by NATO.

“Eighteen years later, he has had a severe form of muscle cancer that has spread to his organs. He has undergone three operations between 2018 and 2020 and is currently in serious health. A forensic expert has confirmed that his illness was caused by poor uranium. “

Aleksic revealed that the Serbian officer’s petition is exactly the same as the 500 complaints filed by Italian soldiers in Kosovo in 1999. Of which, 181 were approved and the Italian Ministry of Defense compensated for the damage. .

The first similar case ended a few months ago with the plaintiff’s victory in France. Similar lawsuits are currently being filed in the UK, Turkey, Germany and the Netherlands. This further motivated the Serbian soldier to stand up for justice.

“My Italian colleague, Angelo Tartaglia, provided me with more than 70 sentences and more than 1,000 pages of evidence, including papers from the Italian parliamentary committee Ury demonstrating the link between poor uranium and cancer conditions. letter, as well as evidence from the World Health Organization “- Lawyer Aleksic said.

Aleksic added, the evidence gathered at a US Air Force base in California in 1988 shows the harmful effects of poor uranium on humans.

“Identical analyzes, performed in Italy, have confirmed 1988 US data on the danger poor uranium poses to humans and the environment. The last 15 tons of poor uranium in southern Serbia remains.” affects the entire area, including [Bắc] Macedonia, Albania and Bulgaria. Many people have been exposed and have cancer “- Lawyer Aleksic pointed out.

It is known that by the end of January 2021 there will be four similar lawsuits aimed at claiming compensation from NATO will be filed in the courts of the cities of Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Nis and Vrane. Currently, Aleksic’s law firm is consolidating more than 2,500 lawsuits from the military and law enforcement. The lawyers plan to win compensation for their victims starting at 100,000 euros.

Under current procedures, the Belgrade Supreme Court had to review the case and hand it over to NATO within six months. If the Union does not respond within the mentioned time, the Court will appoint a separate attorney for the defendant.

If the case is successful, this will be good news for the Serbian people who suffered a lot after the war in 1999. The damage of the war traces still remains today.

According to estimates by Serbian experts, the total damage caused by the NATO bombing at that time was about 30 billion USD, including huge damages to the economy, social infrastructure and environment of Yugoslavia. But that is beyond measure of human damage.

It is not possible to know the exact number of victims in NATO’s continuous airstrikes, but according to estimates by the Serbian authorities, to “protect human rights” for the Albans, the US and NATO killed nearly 2,500. people, including nearly 400 children; about 12.5 thousand people were injured in varying degrees.

The aftermath of NATO’s airstrikes poisoned the atmosphere with toxic fumes from the burning of refineries. Oil from the tank was hit by a bomb that exploded and flowed to poison the Danub River and many other rivers, including the Adriatic Sea.

It is worth mentioning that NATO’s airstrikes on the Yugoslav chemical industry have become an extremely dangerous historical precedent.

NATO dropped down to Yugoslavia up to 15 tons of poor uranium bombs, resulting in a five-fold increase in the number of cancer patients in Serbia over the past two decades.

Immediately after the bombings, international experts discovered radioactive pollution in the Bujanovac, Presevo and Vranje regions of southern Serbia – bombed areas, located near the administrative border with Kosovo. .

Studies comparing the effectiveness of standard therapies before and after the bombing for three basic diseases: Cancer; Autoimmune diseases and infertility (especially men) showed that the incidence of the disease increased 100 times after the NATO invasion.

Remember in 2001, Defense Ministry officials in many NATO member countries – the US, Spain, Germany and France rejected assumptions about the possibility of soldiers serving in NATO’s peacekeeping forces. in Bosnia and Kosovo are ill from exposure to impoverished uranium-containing bullets.

But the suit of 500 successful Italian soldiers held NATO nations accountable for what they did.

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