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Suggestions for clothes for women to wear in October 20

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October 20 is Vietnamese Women’s Day, a day to honor women. Therefore, most of the women want to be beautiful and gorgeous. However, due to the busy work, many people do not have time to carefully choose an outfit that is both trendy and suitable for them to wear on this special day. To make October 20 really meaningful and happy with your loved one, do not get used to doing some of the following simple but extreme ways to dress on October 20.

1. With office girls

With office girls

October 20th this year falls on Friday, the sisters are still working, so you should take more care of your appearance on this special day.

The bulging accents on the sleeves are the fashion trend

For office girls, in this cool, cold autumn weather, the velvet clothes, felt and elastic, leather will be the perfect choice for you.

Leather skirts combined with loose tops will also fit well

In addition, the fishtail skirt with a thin sweater is also a good idea for you, or you can also combine the baggy pullovers with the leather skirt. Simple handbags and coarse heels are the right outfit for office workers. Feel free to show your gentleness on this day.

Leather skirt, white shirt creates elegance

2. Costumes 20/10 for you to hang out with friends

Outfits for outings 20-10

Vibrant floral patterns on the outfit create a gentle, feminine look, and are prominent enough in spring-summer days. You can go to work, go out or walk around with your friends because of its convenience. Colorful floral-printed outfits help your girlfriend more youthful and more brilliant in the sun.

Clothes ruffled

In addition to dresses, the sleek shirt combo mixed with boyfriend jeans and cardigan is not only an easy-to-wear set, but also a simple formula that brings comfort.

3. The outfits for the date

Outfits for a date

October 20 is a holiday for men to express their love for the woman they love. And to make this date more perfect, our girls should also “refurbish” themselves a bit. In particular, this is an opportunity for you to confidently wear charming, trendy outfits to highlight yourself and be beautiful in the eyes of your man.

Shoulder shirt creates a rhythm

Shoulder tops, plaid tops, or tops that are ruffled or ruffled. Besides, these shirts will help you flatten your soft shoulders, bring a romantic look, suitable for fragile girls who like lady style. In addition, the striped pattern helps you deceive the opponent’s vision, helping you become a slimmer body. This shirt you can combine with pleated skirt is also a fashion trend in 2017. With the slightly chilly autumn weather in the morning and at night, you can add a thin carigan to keep warm. as well as creating a highlight for the outfit.

Flared sleeve shape

Wish you have the right choice!

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