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Subtly update the page view to view the new post, invite you to comment!

When you read this article, you probably noticed a change in the interface of the article title. That's right, this is the last part of the page to see the article in Plan 6.0 released a year ago. Up to the present time, the page has been wearing a new shirt completely, nothing left of the old 11-year-old design traces anymore.

With this update, Sophisticated desire to bring a uniform experience between Desktop and Mobile versions. In addition, the new design will solve some small problems like the avatar of the post will no longer be covered by the article title, avatar image and the name of the Mod. Or on the Desktop version, you want to see the number of comments, the number of views of the article and the posting date, then drag the mouse over the avatar, this is really annoying.

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If you notice, in the past 1 month, Delicate also introduced new features to serve you. One of the new features on the page that sees this article is the community section. At the end of each article, Subtle AI will review which community article it is and suggest it below. This makes it easy for you to access the relevant communities to exchange information as well as to meet and exchange with the brothers who share the same passion.

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Talking about AI, in the past week, Subtly updated the forum hint algorithm in the post box outside the homepage. After a period of testing and receiving reviews from you like "Why are all articles posted to Android?" Then today, the AI ​​in the post box outside the homepage is smarter, invite you to try it out.

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Delicate hope with these updates will bring you a more perfect, simplified, time-saving and connected passion. Hope you will always support Delicate!

Please drop your heart in the survey box below if you are happy with this update or send a comment if you see where we need to improve it.


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