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Subjective by the neck, Thanh Le missed an appointment with the UFC despite being praised by McGregor

Before gaining fame in the LFA and ONE Chamionship, Vietnamese boxer Thanh Le almost had the opportunity to join the toughest arena on the UFC planet.

VIDEO: Thành Lê loses to Svensson because of the choking blow

In 2015, Thanh Le was new at the time and competed at The Ultimate Fighter 22 event to select boxers for the UFC. Vietnamese-born boxers with fast-paced attacks soon impressed President Dana White and superstar Conor McGregor after defeating Andreas Quintana with a thunderous punch.

The opportunity to join the UFC at that time was very close to Thanh Le, unfortunately in the match with rival Martin Svensson after that, he could not continue to succeed despite still impressing with his eye-catching style.

Thành Lê attacked like a storm. Photo: Getty

Thành Lê with little playing experience when he first started using attacking style when he clashed with Svensson, that resulted in a counterattack. The Swedish boxer used a neck attack to defeat Thanh Le, thereby causing the Vietnamese-born boxer to miss the opportunity to join the UFC.

Thanh Le
Thanh Le unfortunately lost by RNC. Photo: Getty

After this victory, Martin Svensson competed in the UFC but quickly lost to David Teymur. It was also the only UFC match for a Swedish boxer, after which he played another match at Cage Warriors and soon retired.

Returning to Thanh Le, he continues to nurture his dream of playing in the UFC. In 2017, a Vietnamese-born boxer knocked out rival Lazar Stojadinovic in the 2017 DW’s Contender Series match, but still could not catch the eye of President Dana White.

Now, Thanh Le is the champion of ONE Championship.

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