Su Yan starred in anti-epidemic drama: Li Qinqingchun, Xu Lu is cute, Kan Qingzi's "mask face" is too real
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Su Yan starred in anti-epidemic drama: Li Qinqingchun, Xu Lu is cute, Kan Qingzi’s “mask face” is too real

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Recently, many anti-epidemic dramas have been broadcast. In addition to “The Most Beautiful Retrograde”, there is also a “Together” with a stronger lineup. Recently, a trailer has been exposed. There are many stars, such as Zhang Jiayi, Lei Jiayin, Feng Shaofeng, Deng Lun, Yang Yang, and Huang Jingyu. Of course, female celebrities are indispensable. Because they pay tribute to the frontline anti-epidemic staff, most female celebrities play female doctors. For example, Li Qin, wearing a white coat, almost without makeup, looks very pure and clean, very temperament. Li Qin’s appearance is definitely at the level of “hospital flower”. She is listening carefully to the staff and looks very quiet.

There is also Xu Lu in this play. She hasn’t seen Xu Lu filming for a long time. She is absolutely pure makeup, with almost no makeup, light lip color, and even looks a bit weak, but she looks really good when she smiles. There was vitality in an instant, the appearance of a very cute little girl next door.

She almost didn’t recognize that this was Zhang Tianai. She should have deliberately blackened her face to look pale and tired. After all, she has to play the medical staff who are fighting hard on the front line. They are the people who really save the patient. Their complexion and state will only It’s worse and harder than this, but Zhang Tianai also worked very hard for the role. At least this shot is a bit teary and very real.

Tan Zhuo also appeared in the play, and he is indeed a powerful player. Facing the camera, he can feel his acting skills with just one glance, and there is a kind of compassion and obligatory determination in it.

In addition to the medical staff, there are also grassroots officers and soldiers who are fighting on the front line. In the unit “Decisive Battle at Vulcan Mountain”, both Chen Shu and Kan Qingzi played female soldiers. I believe many people have noticed their “mask faces”, noses and There are deep red marks on both sides of the cheeks being pressed by the mask. We all know that for strict protection during the epidemic, coupled with wearing a mask for a long time, this kind of bruising will be strangled on the face. This little detail is too real, too. People are even more looking forward to this drama. Su Yan starred in the anti-epidemic drama: Li Qinqingchun, Xu Lu is cute, Kan Qingzi’s “mask face” is too real, what do you think?


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