Su-27 lost track of Mirage 2000 in Crimea?

Su-27 lost track of Mirage 2000 in Crimea?

Russian Aerospace Forces Su-27 fighters were put on alert after detecting three NATO military planes approaching the Crimean peninsula border – there were two Mirage 2000s belonging to the French Air Force and one KC-135 refueling aircraft.

The Russian side alleges that the French fighters have ignored a request from the Russian Army regarding the emergency dispatch of the Su-27 fighter squadron to intercept them.

Specific information was released by the Russian National Defense Control Center on Wednesday. They explained that on February 17, the radar stations detected a group of French aircraft in the neutral waters of the Black Sea, close to the border.

The crew of the Russian Su-27 fighter jets identified the aerial targets as a group of French Air Force aircraft and escorted them over the Black Sea, the report said.

Su-27 where Mirage 2000 started in Crimea?
The Russian Su-27 is reported to have approached the French squadron of Mirage 2000

However, the notable detail here is that two Russian Su-27s deployed over the Black Sea “lost” the French Dassault Mirage 2000 fighter, when it was not detected on the radar screen. as no access was successful, this was attributed to the fact that French fighters were highly maneuverable and carried state-of-the-art electronic warfare equipment.

Note that Russian airlines often have to chase “overly curious” NATO aircraft out of the border. Particularly frequent were US, British and Swedish reconnaissance aircraft, which often occurred off the Crimean peninsula or in the Kaliningrad region.

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