Stylish design, stable performance, cheap price

Stylish design, stable performance, cheap price

Two months after the launch of the Redmi K40, the K40 series has a new member – the Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Edition. This is Redmi’s first gaming smartphone and also the cheapest in today’s gaming phone market.

Instead of starting a new line of gaming products, Redmi included it in the K40 series. This article will quickly analyze the features that the Redmi K40 Gaming can bring to users.

Redmi K40 Gaming Review: Design

During the launch, the CEO of Redmi emphasized that K40 Gaming Edition will focus on solving three main problems of gaming phone: thick, heavy, and rough. According to published information, Redmi’s first gaming machine is 8.3mm thick and weighs 205g. By normal phone standards it is not thin and light. But next to other gaming phones, it’s actually lighter and thinner.

The device is made of a metal frame and a glass back instead of plastic, so it has a pretty flashy look. The back is designed in a unique way that just by looking at the user will realize that it is not a normal smartphone.

The camera is offset to the left corner is considered a highlight in the design. Around the camera are two RGB lights that will blink when playing games or if there is an unread message and charge the battery. The camera’s flash is also unusual when it comes to a rather poisonous lightning bolt.

The side of the machine has physical buttons that act as trigger buttons to aid manipulation while playing. The high-end speaker system from JBL with naughty cuts continues to be a unique point of Redmi K40 Gaming.

However, the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack brings a slight minus point for Redmi K40 Gaming because today’s headsets have not yet moved to the USB-C standard.

Redmi K40 Gaming Review: Display

Redmi K40 Gaming uses a 6.67-inch flexible OLED display with FHD + resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate. According to Redmi, this type of screen supports HDR10 + and the protective glass is 5th generation Corning Gorilla glass. The bezels are handled very thin to create a spacious display space.

Practical experience shows that the Redmi K40 Gaming has a lower brightness than the standard K40 version. The reason may be because Redmi uses a screen from another Chinese manufacturer, not Samsung as with the standard K40.

Redmi K40 Gaming Review: Performance

One of the confusing things when the Redmi K40 Gaming appeared was that it did not use the Snapdragon 870 chip as its brother K40. Instead, the chip MediaTek Dimensity 1200 competes with the same segment of Snapdragon 870. It seems that this has made the performance score of Redmi K40 Gaming somewhat drier.

Redmi K40 Gaming scores on specific performance evaluation tools are as follows: On Antutu it is 686604, in 3Dmark it is 4147, in GFX Bench OpenGL is 1741 and in Manhattan 3.1 is 4136. These are all high scores for see the machine’s powerful multitasking and graphics capabilities. When playing PUBG or COD Mobile, the device automatically claims the highest graphics mode.

What really makes Redmi K40 Gaming’s gaming ability probably lies in the fact that the company equips it with a new heat dissipation technology that keeps the machine stable when it is hot. Along with that physical control buttons with help players manipulate fast, low latency, really bring the feeling of playing.

Review Redmi K40 Gaming: Camera

The number of cameras on Redmi K40 Gaming stops at 3 including: A main camera for 64 MP multi-purpose, an 8 MP wide-angle camera and the other camera that supports 2MP close-up. The image quality of the Redmi K40 Gaming is quite realistic.

The main camera is capable of capturing pictures with high detail. In well-lit conditions, the picture is fine, but somewhat faint due to strong light igniting.

In moderate lighting, photo colors will be much more vibrant.

Meanwhile, the main camera’s night shooting capabilities are ensured with its own night-shooting feature. It takes longer to shoot at night, but in return, you will get a perfect shot in low light.

With the super wide lens, the image quality in terms of detail and color will be inferior to the main camera. However, if you turn on the HDR mode, the photo will become a lot more impressive. You should also turn on night mode when using the wide-angle camera.

The close-up camera of the camera captures the focus with a fairly small distance, but not fast. You will have to align quite carefully if you want to capture close-ups with close-up photos or you will be out of focus.

Most of the prejudices say that gaming phones cannot take good pictures. However, this is not true for the Redmi K40 Gaming. The camera’s image quality is not yet comparable to high-end models, but it completely meets the basic shooting needs of users at a fair level.

Redmi K40 Gaming Review: Battery life and charging

Tiktok surfing test for half an hour consumes 4%, watching 1080P video for another half an hour consumes 5%. A PUBG gaming session consumes 9%, Genshin Impact half an hour consumes 20%, and Brightridge consumes 13% in 20 minutes. This amazing level of battery life comes from the 5065mAh battery of Redmi K40 Gaming.

The device is equipped with yellow bulb and charger cord instead of white or black as usual. The L-shaped charging cable head makes it more convenient for users to charge while playing games.

67w fast charger helps the machine only need 43 minutes to fully charge. But given that in the first 15 minutes, Redmi K50 Gaming can be charged up to 51%, charging speed ranks among the fastest on the market.

Redmi K40 Gaming Review: Conclusion

In recent years, gaming phones do not seem to be concerned by users because of their rough, heavy design. However, the Redmi K40 Gaming seems to have changed that and become one of the best-selling gaming phones in China.

During the sale on April 30, 100,000 Redmi K40 Gaming machines were ordered after just one minute. Currently, Redmi K40 Gaming is still only sold in China because GMS (Google services) is not yet supported. Hopefully Redmi will soon launch the international version of Redmi K40 Gaming with the full range of Google services and applications.

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