Stylish design, comprehensive features

Beats Fit Pro is a pair of Bluetooth headphones in the mid-range segment, sold mainly for those who need to wear headphones during sports sessions. Compared to its older version of the headset, Powerbeats Pro, Beats Fit Pro is improved in terms of battery life and is housed inside a charging box with a more compact design.

However, the Beats Fit Pro is not a perfect pair of Bluetooth headphones. Specifically, the noise canceling ability of the headphones, although providing a moderate listening experience in crowded places, cannot be compared with high-end headphones from manufacturers such as Bose or Sony. .

The second limitation is that the Beats Fit Pro’s ear wings have the function of keeping the headset fixed during use, but it increases the pressure on the ear wall, which may cause discomfort when using. used for a long period of time.

The final limitation is that Android phone users will not get the full experience with Beats Fit Pro, because some features of the headset are only compatible with iPhone models.

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Beats Fit Pro

Beats Fit Pro: Design

Compared to the company’s previously released Bluetooth headset versions, the design of Beats Fit Pro has not changed much. To help users get the most comfortable wearing experience, the manufacturer has included 2 pairs of tips with different sizes in the box for you to choose from.

During actual use, Beats Fit Pro gives us an extremely solid and comfortable wearing experience. However, after a long period of listening to music, your ears may become a little uncomfortable.

The Beats Fit Pro’s snug fit is a big plus as the headphones are designed to be worn during running sessions. Beats Fit Pro’s outer shell design meets IPX4 water and sweat resistance standards, giving you peace of mind to use during exercise sessions without worrying about damaging internal components.

Located on the outside of each earpiece is where you perform sensor controls. You can use these actions to play/pause music or change between songs. A long press will activate the crosstalk listening mode, while a second long press will switch to active noise cancellation mode. These controls are a bit sensitive, so you need to be careful when wearing the headset on your ears.

The pair of headphones is equipped with a total of 6 microphones, divided equally for both ears. These mics are responsible for capturing your voice and are used for active noise cancellation. The pair of headphones is equipped with an improved driver design to deliver better sound quality than its predecessor.

The charging box of Beats Fit Pro is significantly improved compared to its predecessor, Powerbeats Pro. The box now has a more compact design than ever, allowing users to easily slip it into a pocket and carry it around.

Beats Fit Pro

Beats Fit Pro: Features

Beats Fit Pro is equipped with an H1 processor chip manufactured by Apple. The chip gives the headphones useful features, such as the ability to interact with Siri via voice, as well as support for 3-way audio features through Apple Music, Apple TV and FaceTime.

The pair of headphones is supported with ANC active noise cancellation feature. During actual use, we found that the performance of this function is not as effective as Bluetooth headset models such as the Sony WF-1000XM4 or the Bose QuietComfort Buds. However, the noise cancellation of the headphones is still just enough for you to listen to music without being distracted by ambient noises.

Although Beats Fit Pro is designed to be compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, Android users cannot take advantage of 100% of the features of the pair of headphones. Specifically, this group of users will not be able to use the product’s virtual assistant and 3-way audio features.

Beats Fit Pro: Usage performance

Beats Fit Pro possesses a vivid sound quality, with enhanced high and low frequency ranges to bring the best music listening experience to users. During actual use, the pair of headphones delivers a good sound quality, suitable for many different genres of music.

In the quality of phone calls, Beats Fit Pro uses 5 out of 6 microphones to capture your voice accurately. During actual use, the voice quality of both sides of the device is expressed loud and clear, providing a very good phone call experience.

Beats Fit Pro: Battery life

According to the manufacturer, Beats Fit Pro is one of the best Bluetooth headphones with the best battery life it has ever released. Specifically, when using a pair of headphones with ANC noise cancellation, Beats Fit Pro will have a battery life of about 6 hours, plus 18 hours from the charging box. The battery life of the headphones will be even longer if you don’t use the noise cancellation feature.

Overall, Beats Fit Pro is a pair of headphones with good battery life, and can compete on par with other models in the same segment.

Beats Fit Pro supports fast charging, with only 5 minutes will bring about 1 hour of use time. The only disappointing point in this array is that the Beats Fit Pro does not support wireless charging. Instead, you will charge the battery of the Beats Fit Pro’s box through the USB Type-C connector.


Buy it if…

You are looking for a pair of sports headphones with good compatibility with iOS devices
The Beats Fit Pro is a quality pair of sports headphones that give you a lot of useful features, especially if you’re an iPhone user. Choose Fit Pro if you are looking for a pair of headphones to wear during running sessions.

Want to experience the features of AirPods Pro at a cheaper price?
Equipped with the H1 chip and active noise cancellation, Fit Pro brings users the two most important features of AirPods Pro at a much cheaper price.

You need a pair of sports headphones with a long battery life
Although not in the top of the segment, Beats Fit Pro still possesses a long battery life, allowing you to use it comfortably without much worry.

Don’t buy if…

You need to own a pair of the best noise-canceling headphones in the segment
The Fit Pro’s noise-canceling performance is only temporarily acceptable. So choose the Bluetooth headset product line of manufacturers like Bose or Sony if you are looking for a pair of headphones with the best noise cancellation.

You are an Android phone user
If you’re an Android phone user, you won’t be able to take advantage of 100% of the features Beats Fit Pro has to offer. These features include the ability to interact with virtual assistants and 3-D audio technology.

You need to find a pair of sports headphones with a more comfortable wearing experience
The long-term wearing experience of the Beats Fit Pro is not very comfortable. Choose a different Bluetooth headset model if you are looking for something to wear for a long time.

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Plus mark

  • Supports active noise cancellation
  • Improved battery life compared to its predecessor
  • H1 chip brings many good features
  • Compact design

Minus point

  • Noise canceling performance is not very effective
  • Wearing experience is not too comfortable
  • Android users will not take advantage of 100% of the features of the headset

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