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Stunned with the most epic soccer league debut ever

Perhaps rarely does the football-loving community in Vietnam have the opportunity to witness an epic tournament like the Elite Sky Cup 2020. On the afternoon of January 2, the Phoi football tournament is most anticipated. officially started.

The preparation for the Opening Ceremony was very professional

The appearance of the hottest DJ Rap Viet- Mie burned the stage and in the middle of the 10 degree C weather in Hanoi. Besides, Hot Pikachu “Le Bong”, Old Love Quang Hai – Nhat Le, Golden couple “Le Bao- Nam Per”, and hot streamer Tuan Tien Ty were also present, making the audience even more excited. more than ever.

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The beautiful DJ Mie appeared that made more than 1000 fans extremely excited

Accompanying the tournament throughout the scale of 6 rounds are prestigious units such as Rhythm of Rhythm, Football 7. With a tournament of the caliber like the Elite Sky Cup, participating teams are also in the form of “not medium sized. places ”such as: EOC, MOBI, DTS, BIDV QUANG TRUNG, OCEAN, PHOENIX, THANH DONG, TUNG ANH, FC HA TAY, TIG, TRA FAMILY, COCA.

The Elite Sky Cup 2020 opens from January 2 to January 30, and the Champion will win a CUP with a prize of 70 million VND. The runner-up will win a reward of 30 million dong. The third and fourth ranked teams will receive a reward of 10 million VND.

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Le Bong and Ha Thanh hot girl from very early to participate in the opening ceremony



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