Stunned with air conditioner samples discounted 40%, only less than 1 million: Hard to ignore!
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Stunned with air conditioner samples discounted 40%, only less than 1 million: Hard to ignore!

( Currently, many models of air conditioning fans are getting a huge discount to meet user needs in the hot summer.

According to the forecast of the hydro-meteorological agencies, 2020 will be one of the record years of sunshine with global temperatures can increase by 1.1 degrees Celsius, accompanied by high instability of the atmosphere.

Summer is really an obsession for many people when there is no simple air cooling support equipment such as fans can not release the heat.

In addition to air conditioning, people are also in need of air conditioning fans to serve cooling needs in hot summers. The reason many people choose to buy air conditioning fans is because this device is much more affordable than an air conditioner. At the same time this type of device does not consume too much power only about 1/7 to 1/10 compared to air conditioning.

Understanding the current needs of users, electronics stores are also organizing many promotions for air-conditioning fans.

At an electronics supermarket system, a series of air conditioner fans from brands MIDEA, SUNHOUSE, KANGAROO are being promotions up to 40%.

Here are some color fan conditioners are being deeply discounted:

  • Midea AC100-18BR air-conditioning fan with control (50 W air conditioner, for 10-15 m2 room area): Reduced from VND 2,390,000 to VND 1,690,000
  • Sunhouse Air Conditioning Fan SHD7721 (capacity of 220W, for rooms with area under 15m2): 20-30m2): Reduced from VND 6,700,000 to VND 3,890,000.
  • Kangaroo KG50F79 air conditioner (capacity 150W, used for 30m2 area): Reduced from VND 6,590,000 to VND3,980,000
  • Kangaroo KG50F22 Air Conditioner Fan (Real power 180W, Cooling range 20 – 30m2): Reduced from VND 7,220,000 to VND 4,590,000)
  • Kangaroo KG50F05 Air Conditioning Fan (Real capacity 75W, cooling range below 15m2): Reduced from VND 1,520,000 to VND 990,000

Note, the price of air conditioning fan depends on the capacity and cooling range. In this promotion, users have the opportunity to buy air conditioner fans for less than 1 million VND (with a cooling area of ​​15m2), from 3-4 million VND with fan models of 150W – 220W. .


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