Student Party’s new favorite Huawei MateBook D series double 12 to be launched for sale

Huawei MateBook D 14/15 not only adopts the industry-leading unbounded full-screen design, but also carries an innovative “multi-screen collaboration” function to achieve multi-screen interaction between mobile phones and notebooks. On the occasion of the Double 12 Shopping Festival, Huawei MateBook D series is on sale, Jingdong Mall is only priced from 3599 yuan, and a limited amount of Bluetooth mouse gift.

At the end of November, Huawei released the latest PC product MateBook D 14/15, which not only continued to adopt the industry-leading unbounded full-screen design, but also equipped with innovative “multi-screen collaboration” functions to achieve multi-screen between mobile phones and notebooks. Interaction. Once the product was released, it attracted the attention of many users, especially the more cost-effective AMD Ryzen Edition, which was also sought after by many student parties.

In the past two years, AMD Ryzen processors have made a beautiful turnaround on the desktop side, and won the trust of many OEMs and consumers on the mobile side. “AMD YES!” Has also become the voice of notebook users. Zh

The MateBook D series Ryzen notebooks launched by Huawei this time are equipped with AMD Ryzen 3500U mobile processor, quad-core and 8-thread design, bringing excellent energy efficiency performance, and integrated Radeon Vega graphics card. Display performance, whether it is competitive games or graphics acceleration, is a powerful existence.

MateBook D 14/15 Ryzen Edition has a unique metallic beauty, which is gentle and delicate to the touch. As a stylish and lightweight notebook, Huawei MateBook D 14 is about 15.9mm at its thickest part and weighs only 1.38 kg. MateBook D 15 is 16.9 mm at its thickest part and weighs as low as 1.62 kg (including HDD hard drive). , Not only can meet the young people’s demand for thin, light and portable notebooks, with a large opening and closing angle of about 180 °, which is suitable for a variety of postures, allowing sharing to be free from restrictions.

The Huawei MateBook D series inherits the full-screen gene of the Huawei notebook family. It has a unique hidden camera design that hides the camera on the keyboard. This not only maximizes user privacy, but also further increases the screen ratio and brings a full screen. Visual experience to maximize the presentation of screen content.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the Huawei MateBook D series is also equipped with a new “multi-screen collaboration” function, which can realize the dual-screen display of Huawei notebooks and Huawei mobile phones. With the “multi-screen collaboration” function, users can use their mobile phones Mirror to PC screen, realize two screens on the same side, complete the tasks of two devices on one PC device, transfer files, cut text, paste videos and pictures, and no longer need to edit between two devices Switching repeatedly, you only need to focus on the PC screen, and multiple tasks are processed more efficiently. Zh

For the student party, the “multi-screen collaboration” function will make learning more effective. Whether it is recording a large number of knowledge points on the mobile phone or taking the lecturer’s blackboard, when you need to use it, you can simply check the knowledge points on the computer by touching the phone with the computer lightly. To the convenience of technology for learning and living. On the occasion of the Double 12 Shopping Festival, the Huawei MateBook D series is also on sale. The price of Jingdong Mall starts from 3599 yuan, and there is a limited amount of Bluetooth mouse gift. Interested partners can visit for more details.


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