Stripping the title of high quality Vietnamese goods with Asanzo - VnReview

Stripping the title of high quality Vietnamese goods with Asanzo – VnReview

The Vietnam High Quality Enterprises Association said that it has deprived the right to use the High Quality Vietnamese Goods Certification mark to ASANZO enterprises right after Tuoi Tre's investigative article about consumer electronics in this enterprise.

On June 21, Vietnam High Quality Goods Business Association (HVNCLC) has announced to immediately remove the right to use certification of High Quality Vietnamese Goods for enterprises ASANZO after the investigation article of Tuoi Tre on electrical goods. Household element of Asanzo Group.

"On behalf of the executive committee, I apologize to consumers and businesses that do business with this mistake", Vu Kim Hanh, chairman of the HVNCLC Business Association, said in the statement, the afternoon of June 21 was released.

According to Ms. Hanh, the act of importing Chinese goods of Vietnam origin has seriously damaged Vietnamese consumers' belief in Vietnamese goods and adversely affected the reputation of HVNCLC program.

Therefore, right after the investigative article of Tuoi Tre about Asanzo's electronic products is Chinese goods "wearing" Vietnamese goods, although it is waiting for the investigating agency to conclude, but the Association still decides to deprive it. use HVNCLC brand with Asanzo, to protect consumers and good businesses.

Talking about the voting process, the Association representative also said that from 2016 to the present, when reviewing the preliminary results of the annual poll, the Association receives a lot of information from enterprises of the provinces and industries about the situation of many businesses newly established industries in industrial zones but mainly just assembling semi-finished products from foreign countries, packing packages, finishing the last stage (even just importing finished products, erasing original origin) labeled "MANUFACTURED IN VIETNAM".

"That information makes us pay special attention. In addition to the 3-step inspection process which has become a good thing: after widely publicizing in the first newspaper, preliminary, the list of businesses was voted HVNCLC to Social inspection together, the organizers also asked for feedback from local management agencies on the compliance with business law of enterprises, collecting radio news, especially complaints Consumer complaints, "said Hanh.

In the case of Asanzo, local management agencies have not detected violations of laws and trademarks, they are also doing quite good communication. Enterprises have won many titles and awards … Although dozens of business names have been removed. industry has signs or evidence of violation, but the Association has left the name of Asanzo, an enterprise that actively organized a big scam line.

"We are willing to collaborate with the media to promote the competitive environment, and continue to bring light to cheating businesses that often argue in many ways, concealing violations with propaganda campaigns. expensive information ", representative of HVNCLC Business Association affirmed.

According to Tuoi Tre

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