Striped tights, simple and stylish design, make you slimmer and more energetic

Striped tights, simple and stylish design, make you slimmer and more energetic

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The design of yoga pants is usually centered on the pure face of pure color, and some small patterns can be added. However, if you watch too much, you will still get tired of it. In terms of color design, you can stay fresh for a long time only when you want it.

What we are going to share today is the basic collision color design and patterned tights. The first impression of this kind of collocation is gait. The visual stimulation of the body of a person wearing a straight body can feel the beauty of the design of the pants. The lines of an elegant posture more clearly highlight the beauty of women’s lines.

The waist color of yoga pants is obviously different from the color of the pants itself. The combination design of this collision color makes the perishable gray glow with new vitality. The front of the feet and waist adopts a soft triangle design. This small change makes the crotch narrow, which has an obvious slimming effect. The decorative effect and fashionable design of the pattern are also good.

Stripes are also added to the feet from top to bottom, making the feet look slimmer and smoother. The trousers at the inner ankle position are also curled in the same color as the waistband, the color echoes back and forth, and the inner ankle position is also decorated on the outside to make the visual exchange more slender. The style of this skinny sweatpants is absolutely slim.

Viewed from the back, the striped arc design on the back of the trousers is smooth and full, the lines of the buttocks have become more graceful, and the overall body proportion has a great beautification effect.

With a refreshing and elegant short waist vest, revealing the waistline, it is simple, quiet, sexy and energetic. The crew neck shirt also looks young and cute. In short, the match with sports shoes is very dynamic and full of energy.

In addition to the design of the single product of the except tower, the style of the underwear is also excellent. The selection of skin Muji products not only satisfies the sense of security during exercise, but also satisfies the elegant appearance.


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