Strike workers protesting sexual harassment are retaliated by Google to the point of having to quit their jobs? - Photo 1.

Strike workers protesting sexual harassment are retaliated by Google to the point of having to quit work?

In November 2018, Claire Stapleton lobbied 20,000 Google employees for a day's strike to protest how the search giant handled complaints related to sexual harassment. Recently, Sapleton announced that she officially quit her job because she was retaliated by Google for organizing the above strike.

In an article on Medium, Stapleton recalled the feeling of satisfaction when working at Google between 2007 and 2012. However, then, around 2017, she noticed that Google had changed and she didn't still satisfied with the job at the search giant.

Google employees strike, march against sexual harassment

In 2018, when news of Google paying a large sum of money to Andy Rubin let him quit after being accused of sexual harassment on many occasions was spread, Stapleton felt unbearable. She and her colleague Meredith Whittaker organized the strike.

After the news of the strike eased, Stapleton was demoted. She thinks this is Google's revenge, but Google denies this.

And now, Stapleton actively left Google after more than a decade of attachment.

"I made this decision after the heads of my departments gave me bad things that made me very difficult to work so I would have to pack it sooner or later.", Stapleton wrote. "If I still try to stay, I will suffer anger, anger and stress right in public."

In a statement, Google spokesman said: "Google does not tolerate retaliatory acts. Our internal relations team made a thorough investigation of Stapleton's complaints but found no evidence that she was retaliated. We even found that Stapleton's management team supported her contributions to our work environment, including giving her an Internal Culture Award to appreciate Her role in organizing the strike ".

Last month, hundreds of Google employees went on strike to protest retaliatory acts aimed at Stapleton.

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