Strictly guard against star dream singers sitting big, Zeng Zhiwei breaks the ice with the three major albums, and resolutely wants to reproduce the glory of TVB

Strictly guard against star dream singers sitting big, Zeng Zhiwei breaks the ice with the three major albums, and resolutely wants to reproduce the glory of TVB

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Since Zeng Zhiwei became the deputy general manager of TVB, he immediately took over the power of Yu Yongshan and He Zhetu, and reformed the music field and variety shows. The Star Dreams gang led by He Zhetu was the first to be suppressed. In the past, Ju Ziqiao and Zhou Baihao, who had been infinitely brilliant in the past, would not be able to lead the way and sweep the hit songs.

In order to avoid being dominated by one family, it has recently been reported that Xingmeng artists have been interviewed to discuss future issues. Among them, Ju Ziqiao was unable to leave because he still had a long-term appointment, and Hu Hongjun was appointed to Shaw Brothers. He talked about the establishment of another company by He Zhetu. He said that the two parties had contact, but the specific matters depend on the arrangement of the broker. Tan Jiayi It is revealed that he is not worried about the impact of personnel changes, and the most important thing is to make good music; Zheng Junhong, who expired last year, said that TVB is still his own agency, and now he is negotiating with other record companies for music work. As for Lin Yingtong after meeting Le Yiling and He Liquan, she wanted to transfer to the drama department. If she had the opportunity, she would continue to sing, as if she wanted to surrender to Zeng Zhiwei!

It is known that Zeng Zhiwei has recalled the former general He Liquan to restore Hong Kong music, reached an agreement with the three major record companies of Universal, Warner, and Sony, and will hold an icebreaking press conference tomorrow afternoon, which means Eason Chan in the future. Singers such as Gigi Leung, Kelly Chen, and Alan Tam can re-appear on TVB programs, and the related tracks of TVB dramas will not be arranged by the singers of Dreams.

Alan Tam, who has always been a ghost with Zeng Zhiwei’s old friend, also meets Zeng Zhiwei for a run after hearing the good news, which will pave the way for future cooperation. When the reporter asked Alan Tam for confirmation after the incident, he also generously stated that he did mention official affairs at the time, and he also suggested that Zeng Zhiwei should perform similar programs like “Happy Tonight”. And Zeng Zhiwei, who intends to lead TVB back to glory, also actively collects opinions from many sources, hoping to break Yu Yongshan’s self-proclaimed status quo!

Although in his private life, Zeng Zhiwei had a lot of negative news, he was even involved in the Lan Jieying incident and was criticized. But what cannot be denied is his loyalty to TVB and the vast network of contacts in the circle. You must know that he has been in the position of senior management within a month, and he will be able to incorporate the old enemy forces and take the pace of reform. Such a resolute and popular setting is really different from the person he is laughing and joking on the TV screen.

But also because of the tough methods, netizens praise him for doing real things, and perhaps it can really change the lifeless TVB in a short time. After all, in the past two years, TVB’s influence has fallen sharply, and it has completely become a small circle. It is undoubtedly beneficial and harmless to this TV city that has stood firm for 53 years now!


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