Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

On February 11, Capcom gave us a live Winter Update dedicated to season 5 of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, in order to give us a first glimpse of the highly anticipated Rose, the release date of Dan Hibiki, and even unveiled a new game mechanic.

We were therefore able to enjoy a preview of Rose, with an overview of her special moves straight from Street Fighter Alpha 2. Menat’s mentor will be available in the spring with a new course called “Marina of Fortune”, which is heavily inspired by the Venice decor of SF Alpha 2.

Street fighter V marina of fortune

As for Dan Hibiki, the master of Style Saikyo will be entitled to his iconic Tengu mask (wink / parody of the Tengu mask from Mr Karate of Art Of Fighting). As for the gameplay, Dan will always have his legendary taunts available, which will increase the V-Gauge of each fighter! As for its V-trigger, it can be activated with a single bar of the gauge. Dear impatient people, know that you won’t have to wait long because Dan Hibiki will be available on February 22.

Finally, this season 5 is definitely rich in surprises because a new game system has been presented: the V-Shift. Ryuichi “Woshige” Shigeno, combat director of Street Fighter V Champion Edition, presents this mechanism itself. This is a defense technique that consumes a V-Gauge counter and can activate at any time, unlike V-Reversal (which only activates when you are on guard).

Once triggered, the player is surrounded by a bluish sparkle and is temporarily invincible against projections, strikes and projectiles! A formidable weapon that will allow you to completely reverse the course of a duel. What is more, this V-Shift can be followed by a particularly punitive attack called V-Shift Break whose range is much higher than that of a classic hit.

street fighter V V-Shift

If you want to review the entire presentation, and enjoy a making of the creation of Rose’s character, go here:


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