Stratolaunch, the world's largest twin aircraft, has just completed a speed test on the runway

Stratolaunch, the world’s largest twin aircraft, has just completed a speed test on the runway

Stratolaunch – a giant twin-body aircraft, with a span of 385 ft (117m), is getting closer to the sky when it has just completed the second test, showing it reaches 46 mph (74 km / h) when moving on the runway in Mojave, California

Announced back in 2011, Stratolaunch Systems is one of several companies trying to develop a large aircraft. After years of development, the first large-sized aircraft was launched to the public last year, it went through a series of successful testing stages and is scheduled to make its first flight in late 2019 or early. 2020.

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Stratolaunch on the test runway

The first successful test took place last December when the aircraft was traveling on the runway at a speed of 45km / h. This allows engineers to monitor systems such as steering, braking, anti-skid and remote monitoring. Now, the manufacturing team has accelerated the plane to 74 km / h, a new video of Stratolaunch Systems shows the giant aircraft running on the runway with six Pratt & Whitney jet engines.

Stratolaunch viewed from the outside

Although no specific date and time for the next phase of the test was announced, if the test engineer team successfully flew into the air, it would be the largest aircraft flying in the sky. With a span of 117m, this aircraft weighs about 226,000 kg and is designed to carry a payload of 249,476kg.

Some other pictures of this giant aircraft:

Stratolaunch - giant twin fuselage 1

Stratolaunch - giant twin-body aircraft 2

Stratolaunch - giant twin-body aircraft 3

Stratolaunch - huge twin-body aircraft 4

Video Stratolaunch trial

In 2011, co-founder of Stratolaunch Systems, Paul Allen said, “They are bad at the beginning of a radical change in the aviation industry.” It seemed like an ambitious statement seven years ago, but after watching this huge plane roll on the runway in 2018, this statement was not too far-fetched. Let’s wait for the day this plane spreads across the sky.

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