"Stranger Lovers" comment is polarized, the suspense atmosphere is strong, and the director's dazzling skills are a little confused

“Stranger Lovers” comment is polarized, the suspense atmosphere is strong, and the director’s dazzling skills are a little confused

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“Stranger Lovers” is an emotional suspense drama directed by Huang Tianren, director of “Want to See You”. The latter has a high score on Douban, but this romantic suspense drama “Stranger Lovers” starring Song Qian and Ou Hao has just begun to let the audience See the clouds in the mist.

In order to create a sense of suspense, Huang Tianren uses flashbacks and interspersed narratives in the narrative, making the audience feel like falling into the fog. They don’t understand what happened between Huo Youze played by Ou Hao and Luo Qianyi played by Song Qian? What I saw at first was that Luo Qianyi stabbed Huo Youze, and then an avalanche occurred in Japan. Luo Qianyi lost her memory and had a facelift. After returning to China, Luo Qianyi could not play the violin. After all, she is a genius violinist. What did Huo Youze do to Luo Qianyi?

It is this narrative technique that makes the audience questionable. The violinist is Luo Qianyi, and the cast reveals the secret, Song Qian plays two roles, and another character is Song Xiaodong. The editor believes that Luo Qianyi is an artist, but Song Xiaodong is not. She is the face changer who later replaced Luo Qianyi. So she didn’t know the dog raised by the two, let alone know how to play the violin.

Luo Qianyi’s personality is elegant, and Song Xiaodong’s personality is stubborn, so Victoria Song has played different roles in two short episodes of TV dramas. If you don’t understand the plot, you may think Song Qian’s acting skills are problematic. After that, she became very stubborn and her personality was completely different from Luo Qianyi. In fact, she was not Luo Qianyi, but Song Xiaodong.

Huo Youze didn’t want Luo Qianyi to be too popular, so he imprisoned or killed her, and then found Song Xiaodong who looked like Luo Qianyi to play her, and then used the avalanche to cause an accident to transform Song Xiaodong into Luo Qianyi.

The above are all speculations, and in the end, the plot of the show will prevail.

Victoria Song started to become popular from “King Love”, and later starred in “The Next Stop Is Happiness” and became the goddess of the golden eagle. This time, she was chosen to star in “Stranger Lovers” because the director might have liked her literary temperament. Although Ou Hao is very masculine, he looks very gloomy and still feels a bit bad. This is the second time for the two of them to cooperate. The first time was to star in the TV series “Shanyue Don’t Know My Heart”. The two of them have a good sense of CP, especially the kiss scene.

As a suspense drama, the logic must be clear, otherwise it will be easy to go astray and become a bad drama. I believe that Huang Tianren’s famous work “Want to See You” is of high standard and should not encounter Waterloo because of this drama. The netizens commented so far are polarized.

Some netizens think that Song Qian and Ou Hao’s acting skills are not good. They probably have not understood the trend of the plot. In fact, Song Qian is playing two people with completely different personalities, so before they understand, they feel that the actors’ performance changes are abrupt. Of course, the role played by Ou Hao, Huo Youze, faces two different people, so his performance is of course different. Later it was Song Xiaodong. Ou Hao concealed a lot from her for a reason. Song Xiaodong seemed to be a tool man, but he became Luo Qianyi confused.

The feedback from the audience is also two extremes. The acting skills of the actors are one of the slots. Of course, some netizens like such suspenseful plots. In fact, similar suspenseful love works, the most famous may be “The Lost Lover”, and then “Want to See You” The mainland version of “Stranger Lovers” may be a bit more difficult than “Want to See You”, and it depends on how the plot is played. Some audiences are fragrant and smelly. They are resistant to similar domestic dramas and are not optimistic. In fact, this drama It may be necessary to keep chasing down to know the cause and effect, but the pressure on the director is also great. I don’t want to repeat the past methods, and it needs to truly reflect the real situation in the mainland, so this is a test for the director.

The whole drama looks good, except that the plot is a little awkward, such as the high-level sense of service, and the soundtrack is also very suitable for the scene, so why the switch between Luo Qianyi and Song Xiaodong happened? This answer may be revealed by Huo Youze. If it is a suspense drama, premature and arbitrary comments will be very smashing, because when the director’s intentions are not understood, everyone does not know what happened between Huo Youze, Luo Qianyi and Song Xiaodong. The truth will be the only way to get rid of the cocoon. The bottom line came out.


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