Exciter 135

Strangely with the cutlery image of Exciter 135 in the new look that made everyone stir

(Techz.vn) It looks like Yamaha Exciter 135 version 5 will be forgotten over time but with the Exciter 135 version of Malaysia's LC135 style below has proved the longevity of this car.

LC135 style cutlery of Malaysia gives Exciter 135 a new unique appearance, beautiful on every corner. The first is the main reflector designed in an eye-catching 2-layer style. In order to increase the brightness of the car, the owner used the white LED light of Zhipat brand. There is also a harmonious combination with the head cover of LC135 with an impressive new style. The combo of demi lights, masks and rough resin costs more than 1.5 million.

Next is the rear of the car with integrated LED lights. The taillights of this Exciter 135 are the products of Appi. If the combo of the first car has to order from Malay, the taillights are extremely easy to find because it is quite popular in Vietnam market. When moving in the night it is easy to be mistaken as Yaz.

Exciter 135

Down to the foot of Exciter 135 is a unique investment of the car owner. Fitting into the mysterious black mainstream tone, this leg set has been lowered with the black aluminum braces. In order to create a good idea, the legs spread together with shackles in front of Yass and Yaz plate, bringing the slim and softer feeling when moving. As for the original oil pig, nothing has changed much other than adjusting the appearance with the Brembo style and then being painted black.

Exciter 135

Overall, this is a pretty unique style "cutlery", not only enhances the beauty of Malaysia Exciter 135 style LC135 but also affirms the Yamaha Exciter brand vitality.

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