Strange measures to solve Ukraine's blockade of Crimea water

Strange measures to solve Ukraine’s blockade of Crimea water

(International relations) – The dry summer of 2020 is over, but the issue of water supply to the Crimean peninsula is still very urgent.

It is reported that in the peninsula’s resort towns, water is available for only a few hours in the morning and evening. What will happen in the summer of 2021, possibly as dry and hot as last season?

Russian media allege that the problems with Crimea were created by Ukraine’s “evil stepmother”, when it cut off water supplies through the North Crimea Canal. So far no one dies of thirst, but the damage to the peninsula’s agriculture and ecosystem is dire.

It was noted that acid smoky clouds covered the city of Armenia, formed due to a lack of fresh water in the Titan enterprise’s waste storage facilities in Crimea. The main culprit of the peninsula’s unfavorable situation is undoubtedly Kiev, but undeniably a substantial portion of the responsibility of the regional and federal government, six years have passed since Crimea’s annexation and everything is still there.

The choice to build a water pipeline from neighboring Kuban was also justly criticized, as the ecological situation on the rivers of the Krasnodar Territory is not the best and the locals themselves do not have enough water. over there.

Large-scale well digging in Crimea has shown from the negative side, because the mineral composition of groundwater, soil has a gradual and constant salinity, leading to their ineffectiveness. Then what is left?

Currently, there is a discussion of the need to include water supply in Crimea in the federal target program for the development of regions. If a decision is made, some measures can be taken to address the peninsula’s water supply problem once and for all.

The border law was the decree of Ukraine to prescribe the state of Crimea
Russia is having a headache trying to solve the water problem for the Crimean peninsula

Firstly, There is no doubt about the need to repair and modernize existing pipeline networks. The water loss during transport through places can be as much as 40-70%, it is like pouring water through a sieve.

At the same time, it would be good to solve the problem with Crimea’s sewage system. Because in the rivers of the peninsula and in the water the Black Sea is psychologically uncomfortable if you know its real ingredients.

Monday, If we take into account the military scenario of returning water supplies to the peninsula, the most realistic peace scenario is seawater desalination.

People have been talking about this for a very long time, but some steps only started to be taken late last year, when the issue of combating less snowy winters and summer droughts became outrageous. It is not yet clear whether the problem of building desalination plants will be solved by itself or if some foreign partners will participate.

Israeli companies have a lot of practical experience in this matter, but will they agree to work in Crimea to be punished? Certainly, the United States will impose restrictions on business structures that show interest in Crimea or supply Russian equipment and technology. Obviously, this issue will have to be solved somehow, and it will take a lot of time.

It is not surprising that Russia is coming up with alternative ideas to supply Crimea with water. For example, artificial rainfall. Last summer, a dedicated Roshydromet Yak-42D plane flew to Crimea. Its job is to treat clouds with silver iodide to cause rain.

The plane was then not tested for bureaucratic reasons, but as of 2021, evaluation is still possible. Experts point to the experience of China, which relies on meteorological aviation, with their help that Beijing can “take over” more than half of its sizable territory.

Whether this will work in Crimea must be seen. Meanwhile, even more bizarre ideas are the proposal to install “chimneys” near the Crimean coast, a number of specialized floating platforms that will evaporate the clouds towards the peninsula to pour rain. from them.

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