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Story in India: The number of viral cases decreased by 90% compared to the peak period, no one understands why


Looking at the data, India is the country with the second highest number of cases in the world since the outbreak of covid-19 epidemic. However, when you look closely, you will see in fact up to 90% of these cases have been recovered. Not only that, the number of new cases in recent days has also decreased by nearly 90% compared to the peak of nearly 100,000 new cases per day. Scientists still cannot fully explain why this phenomenon exists.

In the early stages of the epidemic in the country, many health experts feared the pandemic would spread out of control and collapse the fragile and widespread health system in so many Indian provinces. . In fact, there was a time when India and the United States were racing but the rate of infection, sometimes the number of cases in India was only a few tens of thousands of cases and almost jumped to the top of the world in the number of people infected. covid-19.

However, things gradually changed as the epidemic peak passed in September and the number of cases gradually decreased until the number of just over 11,000 new cases compared to the peak of the epidemic was close to 100,000 cases. You can think of the Manaus region of Brazil, when the number of cases also skyrocketed and then fell to 70% after that. The difference is that Manaus now continues to skyrocket in cases when a new strain of the virus is discovered in the country. On the Indian side, on the other hand, the number of infections decreased steadily and is still stable at 11 thousand.

Back in November of last year, when the country passed the 9 million covid-19 milestone nationwide, according to New Delhi, 90% of special-care beds have ventilator support. was used in covid-19 patients, only about 3 months later only 16% of the beds were used. This is clear evidence of a sudden decline in the pandemic here.

Did India have community immunity?

Scientists believe that the reason the number of cases has dropped dramatically in most states in India is because they already have a community immunity, or maybe the Indians have something available in their bodies to help them. fight viral infections. On the part of the Indian government, the reason is partly due to the fact that people have been forced to wear masks and will be fined both financially and fines for violations. It could also be an explanation, but to scientists the reason is not convincing because the reduction continues while masking compliance is currently understood by the public.

Community immunity is given as an explanation from the scientists, but this is not very true because according to the national antibody survey, there are about 270 million people, equivalent to 1/5 of the population. India has antibodies before the vaccination campaign takes place. Much lower than the number required for community immunity is 70% of the population or higher. The current survey results only help the Ministry of Health of this country have a clearer view of the concentration of cases in the country. The number of cases is concentrated in big cities instead of in rural areas because the population density is less in the countryside and people work in a much more ventilated environment than crowded in the city. So if there is public immunity in a city, this will also help reduce the rate of spread, especially when applied in conjunction with mandatory masking and distance keeping.

Is there something that helps the Indians fight the virus?


The theory that “there is something” in the Indian body helps them fight off and lessen their infection is also a good idea because if that is the case, humans might have other ways to prevent it. spreading the virus instead of relying solely on the current vaccine. According to this hypothesis, the reason may be because Indian people have been exposed to all kinds of diseases such as diarrhea, tuberculosis, typhoid … in their life. It is this exposure, along with the childhood vaccines against these diseases that help the body have a stronger immune response when faced with a new virus. This hypothesis also seems to be fine because according to an earlier review in countries where the tuberculosis vaccine was administered as a child (a small birthmark in the left bicep of most of the brothers aged 8x and over) the number of covid-19 infections appears to be less.

Speaking back and forth, up to now, there is still no clear and conclusive answer as to why India can reduce the number of cases so quickly. Experts also do not know that after a few months when new strains of the virus spread more strongly and vaccines do not work in time, the number of cases in this country will skyrocket again as the city of Manaus, Brazil is experiencing or not. Only time will be able to answer this question.

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