IPhone 11 stores continuously discounted, "clean up" for iPhone 12
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Stores continuously discounted iPhone 11, “made room” for iPhone 12 – VnReview

iPhone 11 has just been reduced from 300,000 VND to one million VND in many systems. According to the stores, this is a move to make way for the iPhone 12.

In early June, the system Hoang Ha Mobile sold genuine iPhone 11 with the price from 18.4 million VND. Within 2 months, the price of the device decreased to 17.6 million. Currently, the product is priced at 17 million VND.

Meanwhile, the CellphoneS system sold iPhone 11 priced from VND 17.9 million in August. By September, the system reduced the price of the device to VND 17.6 million. The Gioi Di Dong and FPT Shop are both selling the iPhone 11 at the price of 18 million dong for the 64 GB version, down one million dong from the previous month.

According to Hoang Tam, representative of Hoang Ha Mobile, the iPhone 11 discount program is self-adjusted by the system to prepare the way for the upcoming iPhone 12. Besides iPhone 11, other iPhone models such as 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are also reduced from 300,000 to 500,000 VND.

Currently, out of the 3 iPhone 2019, iPhone 11 is the best-selling, accounting for about 50%. Second is iPhone 11 Pro Max with 35%“, Mrs. Tam shared.

Genuine iPhone 11 has been continuously discounted recently. Photo: Gsmdome.

The media representative of TGDD said the iPhone 11 had the highest number of sales among the iPhone models. iPhone 11 has a not too high price, many color options. The machine is also equipped with a powerful configuration with many modern features.

Business people predict that the genuine iPhone 12 will most likely face a shortage due to the impact of the epidemic.

In the unofficial market, the portable iPhone 11 is being sold for 16.5 million dong for the 64 GB version. Thus, the price difference between genuine and portable products is not much. So users should choose genuine products because of the benefits of warranty, clearer quality.

At the event on the night of September 16 (Vietnam time), Apple only introduced the new Apple Watch and iPad 2020. Many leaked information suggested that the iPhone 12 will be released in October, a few weeks later than usual. .

iPhone 12 has not been released yet, but some stores have already set the expected price for this product. Accordingly, a shop on Thai Ha street (Dong Da district, Hanoi) offers the expected prices of iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max at 59 million, 69 million and 79 million dong, respectively. but not committed to the delivery time.

These are just expected price of new iPhone, for reference only. The official price of the product is subject to change after the launch date“, said Ms. Nguyen Thao, store representative on Thai Ha Street.

According to the stores, due to flight reliance and quarantine, the new portable iPhones will arrive 1-3 days later than in previous years.

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