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Still the most high-end smartphone worth buying in 2020

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Galaxy Note is a more complete product, summarizing the state-of-the-art technology inspired by the previous Galalxy S. When the Galaxy S20 Ultra sets the limits of technology on the phone, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra “modifies” those limits to become the best smartphone in the world at the moment.

Samsung over the years has always innovated from every aspect of technology to satisfy the needs of the user experience. All of its smartphones or smart devices are launched to the end user. Especially to mention the Galaxy Note – the central device, gathering the best technology. The customer file Samsung is aiming for with the Galaxy Note actually requires a premium experience, so its most difficult task is to deliver satisfaction with perfection.

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The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra represents that perfection, not to mention adding a younger Galaxy Note 20, retaining the same experience that helps Samsung reach more classes and more customer segments. With only the Galaxy Note 20, Samsung solves the two most difficult things at the same time, keeping the maximum experience for those who trust the company and expanding, reaching out to dynamic young people. A good smartphone for everyone is the most stern affirmation of the Korean giant.


Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – The hub of Samsung’s own ecosystem!

This year, the Galaxy Note 20 launched with a series of new products such as Galaxy Tab S7 tablets, Galaxy Buds Live headsets and Galaxy Watch 3 watches. live and create synchronization, comfort. The Galaxy Tab S7 stands out with the ability to work similarly and eventually replace the laptop, while the Galaxy Watch 3 acts as a coach, companion, and colleague in every user’s activity. And Galaxy Bud Live is an assistant in all circumstances as well as creating a great entertainment space.


The Samsung ecosystem is even broader, with almost all of the leading brands. In my opinion, Samsung is currently leading in bringing a high-tech ecosystem with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra as the main kernel.

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The screen is still at the top of the world

Samsung is still having success with its Dynamic AMOLED screen for its vibrant colors, high brightness, and branding for its smartphones. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra uses a curved screen with a resolution of WQHD + 3200×1440 pixels, while the Note 20 is equipped with a flat screen FHD + 2400×1080 pixels. The pixel density of the two products is 393 ppi on Note 20 and 511 ppi on Note 20 Ultra, respectively.


The resolution is not too big a problem on the Galaxy Note 20, the machine still ensures usability and good experience, but only the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a refresh rate of 120Hz (Full HD +). This is quite a pity, but considering the price, it shows the reasonable mechanical water of Samsung. Both use unique Infinity-O technology with selfie camera round holes on the front, close to the top edge.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – Bringing value in work and entertainment

Samsung succeeds in delivering a device with powerful performance, a “limitless” camera, a divine S Pen, and a large screen for work and play. However, the Android platform is always open, if not combined with partners providing software and reasonable solutions, the experience will not be perfect. Over the years, Samsung has always cared for each customer, collecting useful information from user behavior to “choose face, send gold” to its partners.


Samsung teamed up with Microsoft to deploy the world’s best office toolkit on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, helping DeX interface neatly combine with Windows. Samsung teamed up with Spotify, with Netflix, and the world’s leading game makers to give users maximum entertainment moments, fully exploiting the advantages of the big screen on the Galaxy Note. Indeed, Samsung has gradually scored absolute scores in the hearts of users.


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