Recently, my daughter, who is about to turn 18, asked me why I do “zone speed measurement”. Doesn’t this make the speed slower and the traffic jam more serious? I told her that this is for safety reasons, people who can’t speed, don’t worry, although my answer seems reasonable, but I am very guilty. Why? Because she said the point: traffic jam! A young girl who is about to be able to take the exam has such a correct opinion. What about the civil servants who make regulations? What is your head thinking? It should mean something in your head!

Reprinted from: CARLINK chain car network
Original: Still think the traffic is not enough? Interval speed measurement makes use of passers-by!
Written by: Cai Zhijian Chien

It is said that from the rich and young, the super-running sound tunnel has caused the death of passengers, and many provincial roads have been killed by speeding and drag racing. The grass-roots police officers of law enforcement agencies are exhausted to ban them. In order to eliminate public grievances and reduce the probability of road accidents, Therefore, “interval speed measurement” was proposed for many road sections in China, that is, a certain road section cannot be overspeeded. It is a good idea based on road safety, but I don’t know if anyone who designed this thing has thought about it, it will make the traffic more difficult or even worse. Cause more serious traffic jams? In the past, every long holiday highway would definitely become the “largest parking lot for the entire vehicle.” Now the government is launching an “interval speed test” with great fanfare, and even the provincial roads will make everyone immobile due to the long traffic queues.

In addition, on the expressway, I saw a lot of turtle speed three treasures occupying the inner lane (the center line and the outer lane). Whether it is a polite flashing warning or honking of the horn, it is completely unmoved by the landslide. The only thing in the eyes is that the front simply ignores the warning signs of “passing lane on the inside”. The result is one of the reasons for highway traffic jams. At the same time, every time the “speed camera ahead” sign appears, everyone will reduce the speed of the car. Seriously, if you drop directly below the maximum speed limit, the implication is that you follow the rules very well, but it is wrong to occupy the inner lane below the maximum speed limit, and the speedometer given by the car factory is usually a “happy watch” unless you use it. GPS positioning generally has an error value of 5-10km/h (some more). Since it is a happy watch, the speed limit of 40km/h given to you by the provincial road is also an interval speed test. Take Beiyi Highway as an example. Many people encounter winding mountain roads whose speed is already below the speed limit. The speed in this interval will definitely be lower, 20? 30? It is possible that there will be fewer people who originally wanted to avoid the snow tunnel and go to Beiyi in the future. Not only the snow tunnel is blocked in Beiyi, but also, the officials of the Ministry of Communications, do you understand the pain of the people?

I’m really curious about what kind of people will come up with the “zone speed test” person. Is it possible to achieve the kind of very law-abiding turtle speed three treasures, or the “Azhai” who does not know how to use passers-by and only talks on paper? Or is it an idealist who talks about the supremacy of technology but is divorced from reality? If from the standpoint of “conspiracy theory,” build so many “zone speed measurement” hardware devices, will anyone benefit from it?

Thanks to the advancement of related technologies, in recent years, “Science and Technology Law Enforcement” has brought forth new ideas. Even the so-called “interval speed measurement” and “noise speed measurement” have come out. I don’t have much opinion on the latter that disturbs dreams, but the former is basically a thing. It is the “Turtle Speed ​​Three Treasures Manufacturing Machine”, which will only make driving more difficult and traffic knotted. Haven’t the officials thought about these issues? I’m afraid it’s just the result of doing things cheaply! As for the common people, you just shove what you don’t want, and no one will pay attention to you if you shout hard!

In retrospect, traffic problems continue to occur. Except for penalties that are too light (such as drunk driving, malicious driving, non-compliance with the right of way, etc.), the morality of driving passers-by is the biggest problem. The main reason is that it is too easy to obtain a driver’s license. There are a lot of three treasures in power and malicious racing bikers. If everyone has the correct concept of road use, let alone science and technology law enforcement, there is no need to put up a lot of warning signs on the road. What a beautiful scenery!