Steven Rogers: The purge of 'extremism' in the military could lead to the CNCS

Steven Rogers: The purge of ‘extremism’ in the military could lead to the CNCS

On February 4, former US Navy Commander Steven Rogers said that the order of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to request a suspension of military operations to address “extremism” was unprecedented. unnecessary and dangerous path leading to “communist China”.

Former US Navy Commander Steven Rogers (Image: The Epoch Times)

“To me this is dangerous, it is like a political test and it is a path that you will only find in Communist China or in the former Soviet Union,” former Navy Commander Rogers told NTD.

On 3/2, Mr. Austin announced will suspend all armed forces at a certain time in order to resolve “extremism” in the military.

US Department of Defense spokesman John Kirby said Secretary of Austin requires military units to learn and discuss extremism in the next 60 days, AFP reported.

The Department of Defense did not provide extensive data on the number of soldiers who had committed extremist acts over the past few years, but only mentioned data that the FBI provided in 2020. This data shows, there are 143 the Pentagon investigation notice, which the FBI received from active and former servicemen, has 68 related to domestic extremism.

The issue of military extremism has been at the forefront since the January 6 turmoil in the Palace Capitol. According to the latest CNN analysis, at least 22 people who have had or are currently connected to the military have been accused of being involved in the riot.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby on Wednesday (Feb. 3) noted that some extremists who infiltrated the US Capitol on Jan. 6 were active soldiers and others were former. military.

According to Mr. Rogers, the US military was a role model in dealing with discrimination, extremism, radicalism, and it was this that helped the US military become the greatest. Earth. He expressed concern about whether those with conservative tendencies would be eliminated.

He raised the question: “I believe it is [hành động của] Minister of Defense under the Biden administration. Will they purge those with conservative tendencies? The soldiers have conservative views and [tôn trọng] conservative values ​​- are they the ones being targeted? “

Mr. Rogers also emphasized that communist China has infiltrated America’s colleges, schools, corporations and political system. “Right now my concern is that they are attempting to break into our ranks of the US military. In the short term, I don’t mean that our soldiers are influenced by the Chinese Communist Party, but that the politicians that lead our military are affected. “

Mr. Rogers also said that Internet censorship and the purge of conservative people across the country are of great concern. “We now have the Secretary of Defense, which appears to be giving military reviews and possibly purging individuals who support President Trump from the military. That is very dangerous. It is going on a very dangerous path. “

According to Mr. Rogers, the article “check“Or”review“Coming up in the military”will have a huge negative impact on the morale of our men and women in the military“. They will worry about being reported, about losing their career, or even “indicted”.

The goal of the path, he said, was that the United States became a socialist country.

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