Steve Bannon proposed to bring the issue of election fraud to impeachment trial

Steve Bannon proposed to bring the issue of election fraud to impeachment trial

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon said former President Donald Trump’s legal team should focus on the voter fraud allegations during the impeachment trial taking place on February 8.

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“He won’t be charged, so we have to settle it [vấn đề cuộc bầu cử] November 3. And the best place to arbitrate this is the ‘home ground’ of the US Senate, ” Mr. Bannon told Politico.

According to the general assessment, Mr. Trump is likely to be acquitted at the trial scheduled to begin on February 8. As many as 45 Republican senators voted to declare the impeachment trial unconstitutional, so the chance of 17 Republicans joining the Democratic Party to accuse the former president is very low.

The Democrats will swirl into chaos on January 6 at the US Capitol in an attempt to make the former president accused and disqualified from running for president, Bannon said. He favors the strategy of bringing voter fraud allegations, which have been dismissed by state courts and election officials, to the upcoming impeachment trial.

Mr. Bannon said in the interview: “They will try to condemn him in the eyes of the American people and want to knock him out forever.”

However, not everyone agrees with Mr. Bannon’s comment. Mr. Alan Dershowitz, a legal expert who joined Trump’s legal team in his first impeachment trial in 2020, told Politico that the topic of election fraud was brought to trial. “That’s a bad idea”.

“He will lose [tín nhiệm] of senators if it is to defend election statements or defend their speech, ” Mr. Dershowitz said. “It would be better if he allowed his lawyers to make constitutional arguments under the First Amendment and Senate restrictions on impeaching anyone no longer in office.”

Lawyer Bruce Castor himself on Trump’s legal team also said in the KYW Newsradio Philadelphia interview: “There are a lot of doubts about the outcome of the elections across the country, but that is for another debate, and I don’t believe it is important to litigate in the upcoming Senate trial. . “

Although the House of Representatives just impeached on one clause, it was Trump’s speech that ignited a riot, but the former President’s allies feared opponents would focus on the day 6 riots. / 1 resulted in four protesters and a Capitol police killed at the scene, in addition to 2 officers and a demonstration died later.

On February 2, Mr. Trump’s legal team submitted trial notes to outline the direction of their argument, persisting that the impeachment trial violated the US Constitution, because Mr. Trump is currently is no longer the president of the United States.

In addition, they also affirmed, his speech on January 6 is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. “It is impossible to say that President Trump incited the crowd to participate in destructive behavior.”

Recently, on February 4, Mr. Jason Miller told Newsmax TV that Mr. Trump would not testify in his upcoming impeachment trial, despite the request of impeachment officials representing the House of Representatives. he testifies by affidavit before or in court about “his behavior“On the day of the invasion of the Capitol.

Mr. Trump’s legal team called the Chief Executive’s request for the impeachment of the House of Representatives, Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin for testimony “tricks to attract the public’s attention“And said Democrats”cannot prove“Charges against Mr. Trump.

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