Steam is about to land on Google Chrome OS operating system and win at the starting line!

PC Steam game mall currently supports three major operating systems: Windows, macOS and Linux, and recently Kan Liu, Google Chrome OS Product Manager Director, was interviewed and stated that theyWorking on Chrome OS native support for Steam.

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Chrome OS is a lightweight open source PC operating system developed by Google based on Linux, and is used in Chromebook notebooks and other devices. It is reported that Google wants Steam to be a built-in app under the system, and V may also provide help and support. No specific date has been announced, but this should use Steam Proton, which allows Steam and many Steam games to run perfectly on Linux systems.

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So far, Chrome OS has no support for Steam, and some online unofficial methods have their own flaws. In addition, Google system devices are mostly lightweight, with weak hardware performance and difficult to run blockbusters. However, the most popular apps on this system are all kinds of games (mostly mobile games). If you support Steam, it may be very beneficial.

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Since GOG Galaxy, Origin, Uplay, Epic, and other gaming platforms have not yet landed on Chrome OS, Steam can gain huge advantages on this system; and if Chrome OS device performance is improved, Google Computer may become a PC player A new choice.


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