Stay away from these 5 points in the World's Edge map

The new Map World’s Edge in Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown offers many new landing options for players. This article summarizes the 5 positions you should AVOID landing at the beginning of the game.

The launch of World’s Edge map at the beginning of Season 3 really brings a new breath of air to the world of Apex Legends.

The new map is almost twice the size of Kings Canyon, the map used in Season 1 and 2. World’s Edge has 15 outstanding landmarks with its own advantages and disadvantages.

While many locations can be great landing places at first, some should be avoided, because they often bring too much risk and not much benefit.


Capitol City can be a popular place to land in World’s Edge, partly because of its size and center of the map. But that's also why you should avoid this area.

The quality of loot is usually average, while too many teams jump in. Therefore, the chance of finding a high tier loot and exiting this area throughout the network is quite low.

If you prefer urban areas, then Skyhook is probably more suitable, but it is still better to land on Epicenter.

Epicenter is not as large and large, has a better chance of finding loot, and you can always take advantage of this position to handle teams trying to escape Capitol City.


Although not a central location, Thermal Station is still extremely popular. Partly because it has a lot of loot and high quality.

But, don't want to land here, because Thermal Station is one of the hot spots in the map. Not to mention, this is a very difficult place to pass due to the terrain as well as many tamarind guards in every corner.

The closest location to Thermal Station is easier to land than Train Station. Although not crowded, but has a good loot, then also covered by cliffs and closer to the center of the map.


Located next to Thermal Station, The Tree is another area you should avoid landing, but for the exact opposite reason. It is one of the least chosen points on the map, which is because The Tree lacks loot – both in quantity and quality.

And if unlucky, when one or two other teams also land, surely The Tree will not have enough loot for all. There is a high chance that you and your teammates will not be fully equipped.

Not to mention, it is located in the lower right corner of the map, so if the circle starts to the north, it will take a lot of time to reach.


Like The Tree, Drill Site simply doesn't have enough loot, especially high tier loot, so it's not worth landing on early in the game.

In fact, it is worse than The Tree, because there are three more valuable areas around. Lava Fissure, The Train Yard, and Skyhook are all more reasonable points: they all have better loot and more. Starting at Drill Site will put you at a disadvantage at the beginning of the game.

Obviously because this is the quietest area of ​​the four areas in the upper left corner of the map, you will hardly be fully equipped to be able to take advantage of the teams landing in the remaining three locations.


Sorting Factory can compete with Capitol City for World’s Edge's most popular landing spot, and for those reasons, you shouldn't target this area.

It is extremely large, meaning players will take time to move, and there are many teams here.

One thing that Sorting Factory outperforms Capitol City is that there are lots of loot, high level loot. But this will also be a double-edged sword, because the other teams landing will be equally strong as you.

In short, is it better than Capitol City? Yes. But is it worth the jump? Not really, especially since nearby Lava City and Fuel Depot have enough loot, but not as dangerous.

Above are the 5 worst locations to land on the World’s Edge map in Apex Legends Season 3.

One point to note is that this list depends on the play skills of each person. This means that if you are good or like to kill, you may want to land in some of these places, because of your confidence in your ability.

However, if you are not a big-handed Apex player, you will probably want less clash with the enemy, to have time to equip yourself. If so, the above are places you should avoid.

According to Dexerto

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