Stats: The Trump campaign won 2/3 of the lawsuits fully adjudicated

Stats: The Trump campaign won 2/3 of the lawsuits fully adjudicated

According to a new analysis, mainstream media, social media regulators and censors have long claimed over and over again that the Republican and Trump Campaign lawsuits. when he was in office) was completely dismissed by the court as untrue.

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The research results do not necessarily show that if all the cases are accepted before Congress officially recognizes Joe Biden as President on January 7, then Trump will win the election. this hardship.

The analysis also does not necessarily affect the Electoral College’s results that Mr. Biden won in disputed states.

According to the journalist, also a physicist and environmental activist, John Droz Jr. In Morehead City, Northern California, out of 22 lawsuits that were fully heard by the court on merits, Trump and the Republicans won 15.

In other words, Mr. Trump has won two-thirds of the cases heard by the court completely.

Three of the 15 cases in which the Court ruled in favor of Mr. Trump were filed on or after election day, Nov. 3.

Journalist Droz and a group of volunteers delved into the legal details and court records of 81 lawsuits filed regarding the November 3, 2020 presidential election. Information on each case has been detailed and the results are summarized above webpageby Droz, the content analysis is now updated as of 7/2/2021.

Out of a total of 81 lawsuits filed, 11 were canceled and 23 were dismissed because the plaintiff lacked standing or for other reasons. Mr. Droz commented, should not classify these 11 or 23 lawsuits “Winner or loser”, because of them “Has nothing to do with the legality (merits) of the case.”

So there are only 47 cases left to analyze, of which 22 cases have been completed after the court listened to the arguments, examined the evidence and then issued a ruling.

And according to statistics, out of these 22 cases, Mr. Trump and the Republican Party won 15 and lost 7 cases.

The remaining 25 cases are still unresolved.

This means former President Trump and Republicans “WINS a majority in the fully adjudicated cases and the ruling is made in accordance with the 2020 election law.”, journalist Droz said in a statement, “Did the mainstream media report that?”

Some of the legitimate victories for Republicans are:

Republican National Committee (RNC) v. Linn County Auditor Joel Miller in Iowa court:

The RNC has asked an Iowa state court to rule on the action of the Linn County Auditor Joe Miller. According to the lawsuit, ballots by mail were filled out before being sent to the voters, even though the Interior Minister instructed the distribution of blank ballots. Plaintiffs allege this could be a sign of voter fraud, as there is no guarantee that pre-filled forms were actually submitted by the voters listed on the ballot name.

– RNC sues County Auditors Woodbury, Patrick Gill in Iowa Court:

The Trump and RNC election campaign sued the Woodbury County auditor, who sent ballots by mail with some voter information pre-filled, against the instructions of the Iowa Secretary of the Interior. In this lawsuit, the Court prohibited Patrick Gill from distributing and accepting ballots with voter signature but containing pre-prepared information.

Campaign Trump and RNC v. Pennsylvania Interior Minister Kathy Boockvar:

In the Pennsylvania Interior Minister’s lawsuit, Kathy Boockvar, the Trump and RNC campaigns were won. The Pennsylvania court ruled against the tallying of the ballots in the mail voters are allowed to provide proof of identification a few days after Election Day (November 3).

Journalist Droz also noted that only 3 lawsuits mentioned voting machine inaccuracy.

“One of these has been dismissed (due to jurisdiction), one has been adjudicated (although no due diligence has been conducted), and one has not been finalized (proceeded). examine).”

The ‘possible’ explanation for almost no voter machine lawsuits is resolved “Demonstrating cheating or otherwise manipulating voting machines by law is very time-consuming processes, requiring investigation effort and a considerable amount of documentation. There simply isn’t enough time to prioritize doing this over important process issues (like the Electoral College). ”

“Our view is that the public needs to be more informed about election integrity – and an accurate understanding of litigation processes is an important part of that.”Mr. Droz explains for his research purposes.

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