Statistics: Global users like to play mobile games and are also very willing to spend - VnReview

Statistics: Global users like to play mobile games and are also very willing to spend – VnReview

It is estimated that there are more than 11.2 billion mobile game downloads worldwide during the last Q2 / 2019. In particular, players also spend more money in the game. This is a respectable figure and shows impressive growth of mobile games.

In Q2 / 2019, mobile game market statistics recorded a record milestone. According to the statistics of the page AppAnnie, Application downloads from the Google Play Store and App Store stores have surpassed the level 30.3 billion turns. At the same time, smartphone users also pay close attention 22.6 billion USD for applications.

Of the 30.3 billion downloads, there are about 35% of mobile game downloads, especially nearly 75% of the total spent on mobile applications is for mobile games.

Q2 / 2019 fights downloads on Google Play Store to continue leading, especially game downloads increased by 265%. From the data chart you can see, the amount of application downloads from Play Store far exceeds iOS.

Mobile games are one of the main reasons contributing to the download growth of both app stores. in Q2 / 2019. Arcade, action and casual games (simple games, short game screens) are three game genres that are popularly downloaded on Android smartphones. Meanwhile with iOS devices, popular game genres are arcade, action and puzzle.

On both stores, cult titles like Stack Ball, Run Race 3D, Clean Road and Tiles Hop: EDM Rush top the download list.

List of the most downloaded, most-paid titles and the largest number of monthly active users Q2 / 2019

The most mobile game download markets in the past quarter must include India, Brazil, and the US. For the iOS platform, the top three game download markets are China, the US and Japan, especially the US always occupy the leading position in mobile game downloads in Q2 / 2019.

Users increasingly pay more for mobile games

As mentioned above, game spending on two mobile stores accounted for nearly 75% of global application spending in Q2 / 2019. On Google Play, spending on games has increased by 20% each year while on iOS, the growth rate is 15% per year. These figures show that mobile games have been contributing to the global application revenue.

Users increasingly spend more money on mobile games, especially on the iOS platform

According to statistics, China is still the largest market for iOS devices, followed by the US and Japan. In contrast to Google Play, markets like the US, Japan and South Korea are the ones that users have to pay for the most mobile games.

The data also show that casual game genres are slowly becoming a factor that promotes the growth of downloads in the market as a whole. The data partly shows that simple games always have a huge attraction for users regardless of the game market.

On both app stores, the types of role-playing, strategy and action games are also interested by many users, but the level of spending for games is not much.

Interested readers can see more detailed statistics of App Annie here.

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