Statins: the Academy of Medicine insists on their benefits
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Statins: the Academy of Medicine insists on their benefits

The National Academy of Medicine wishes to reassure patients who take statins, often chronically. Numerous controversies have cast doubt on the value of these prescribed drugs to reduce cardiovascular risk.

To support their report, the Sages relied on the latest scientific studies. And their conclusion is formal: “It clearly emerges from the collected data that the benefit / risk of using this therapeutic class is particularly favorable for the prevention of cardiovascular accidents, particularly in patients at very high risk or with documented cardiovascular disease. “

The Academy does not deny theexistence of side effects, especially muscle pain. But for her, “The benefit provided by this class of drug, in particular in secondary cardiovascular prevention (for example, after a heart attack, Editor’s note) is very important and out of proportion to the reported side effects ”.

After the publication in 2013 of an alarmist book, The Truth About Cholesterol of Pr Philippe Even and Bernard Debré, frightened patients had stopped their treatment. The Academy sends them this message: “The untimely interruption of this treatment can have disastrous effects on their health. “

Five statins marketed in France

The five statins marketed in France are: pravastatin, fluvastatin, simvastatin, rosuvastatin and atorvastatin. All are available as generics.

Their main mechanism of action is lower LDL cholesterol, in other words “bad” cholesterol.

Source: Efficacy and adverse effects of statins: evidence and controversy, National Academy of Medicine, May 23, 2018.

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