Starbucks offered a $ 10 million prize for the new cup design

After years of trying to create a new type of cup that is environmentally friendly, Starbucks almost “gave up” and asked the idea from the community.

The most famous coffee chain in the world has just announced that it will reward $ 10 million for the best idea of ​​designing coffee cups that are easy to recycle.

Coffee cup is one of the factors causing environmental pollution. Most cups of this type are usually lined with a plastic layer to retain heat as well as help the paperboard components of the cup stronger and not softened by coffee.


However, it is this plastic layer that makes coffee cups more difficult to decompose when recycled. It takes up to 20 years for a popular coffee cup to decompose in the natural environment.

Each year about 600 billion of these cups are distributed globally and Starbucks uses about 6 billion of them. This is the reason why Starbucks has spent a lot of time and resources on designing the new cup format, but so far there has been no significant improvement in practical application.

In 2008, the company set out a few bold goals to reduce its environmental impact. In 2010, the company announced it would use 100% reusable and recyclable cups by 2015. In fact, these claims have not been possible.

A typical Starbucks paper cup with nylon. Photo: CNN.

Starbucks’ current cup is less than 10% recycled fiber and can only be recycled in modern cities, with “the right facilities”.


“We are not satisfied with the progress we have made, the research process is not fast enough,” said Colleen Chapman, Starbucks Vice President, responsible for social influence and global sustainable development.

In addition to a $ 10 million award for the aforementioned cup design competition, the company also tested itself for the 13th time with an eco-friendly fiber cup for its heat resistance and temperature resistance. high.

Starbucks and many other companies are under pressure from environmental organizations to use persistent cups.

Dunkin ‘Donuts confirmed last month that it will eliminate plastic foam cups completely by early 2018 and will completely ditch the foam cups by 2020. All of these cups will be replaced with recyclable paper cups.

McDonald’s also affirmed at the beginning of the year that it will completely eliminate foam cups and replace all packaging and paper cups with environmentally friendly materials by 2025.


Ngo Minh
* Source: zing News


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