"Star Detective" Wang Ou returns, the lines and props are reverie, Wei Chen won the "King of Lovers"

“Star Detective” Wang Ou returns, the lines and props are reverie, Wei Chen won the “King of Lovers”

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I don’t know if everyone feels the same as me. Watching “Celestial Detective” prefers “old people” because they are more stalky, and they will follow the stalks and make laughs. Newcomer Jin Jing is quite fun. The presence of others is a bit low. Watching this show, besides wanting to experience the process of investigating a crime together, it is more for fun, right?

If there are no stalks and it is dull, it will look very boring. And Sa Bening is considered the most stalking and funny of them. Case 7 Wang Ou returns. (Because in previous shows, either Sa Beining himself and Wang Ou’s team, or in the show, Sa Beining deliberately created a drama that particularly liked Wang Ou, and this issue is no exception.)

In this issue, the one that surprised me the most was Wei Chen. Not only can he continue to follow Sabenin’s stalks and make the “jokes” more funny, but also create other new “fun stalks”. Not much to say, just give you the evidence:

Come on, let’s take a look at the first wave of lines:

After the masked ball, Wang Ou couldn’t find her husband (Zhang Yujian) and said anxiously: Where did my husband go?

Sa Beining immediately pretended to be jealous and crazy: Do you have a husband? Who allows you to have a husband?

He Jiong smiled and said to Sa Beining: Whoever allows you to allow you to find a husband.

(Everyone laughs)

(Premise background: Zhang Paobing, played by Zhang Yujian, is Wang Ou’s husband. He was stunned. Everyone found him in the cabinet.)

(Sa Bening added drama to herself, shouting: Is it your husband? While pretending to kick her husband, everyone laughed)

After Zhang Yujian was rescued, I told everyone: I was fascinated by Zhenying wearing a red cloak, and my legs became soft. Then I didn’t know what he did to me, and finally went in.

(Frankly speaking, he said here is to tell the story line, what happened to the character he created, there is nothing ridiculous. However, Sa Beining is really good, using the ambiguity that these lines can produce to make it funny )

Sa Bening grinned and said “not serious”: The key is that he said it was Queen Zhen Ying! (Female) And I’m stunned! And more importantly, I don’t know what I did to him!

Wei Chen immediately praised: “Your feet are soft,” the most important thing is.

Everyone laughed.

(Really, Wei Chen gave me the feeling that he is a good boy, a little boy. He can follow Sa Bening’s jokes and continue to add. Really, it makes this laugh more funny and more “concrete brain supplement” pictures). Why are celebrity detectives good-looking? Isn’t it mainly relying on the guests to find and make laughs to make everyone happy?

I knew that Teacher Sa Beining was a big tease, but I didn’t expect Wei Chen to be perfectly praised without the burden of idols. It can be seen that his sense of humor, reaction ability, and coordination are also extraordinary.

Feel the second wave of props:

Wei Chen blocked his eyes with subtitles: The brain hurts.

Zhang Yujian: I was very excited at the time, what do I think it was? I recorded it.

Wei Chen: Shame is said, you still have to watch it.

(The screensaver is a big gold person) Wei Chen and Jin Jing’s chat history

Honeysuckle said: Is it okay tomorrow?

The morning guide said: It is inconvenient that she is here.

(After a month and a half)

Honeysuckle said: What about today?

The morning guide said: She is not here, come on!

(Another month has passed)

The morning guide said: Today is very hot, do you want to continue? Remember to bring that for me.

Honeysuckle said: Good.

(Another month has passed)

Honeysuckle said: Is it convenient today?

Morning guide: Only one minute.

Honeysuckle said: Enough!

(That is, when Zhang Yujian was reading the chat record of the morning guide, every guest’s expression was either shy or smirk.)

Really, the content of these chat records displayed makes people’s minds fill a lot of pictures!

Summary: I especially like watching the variety show “Star Detective”. My favorite is the first and second seasons. Because there is a complete story mode to follow, now I don’t know if there is a complete story mode. If so, where do you want to see it? I know, but it has been separated from variety shows, and I can’t find that feeling.

Although the current program is also very good to watch, there are still gaps and shortcomings from the earliest version. The main reason is 1. The former resident guests are very funny, whether it is Guigui, Wang Jiaer and so on. (I didn’t mention it because they are still there this season, so there is no regret that they are still there). However, the guests who come now are not very good at finding, throwing, or even connecting, which is very boring. Therefore, Wei Chen took Sa Bening’s stalk and let the stalk continue to ferment. I think he is very powerful.

Audiences choose to watch entertainment variety shows mainly to release pressure and laugh. If you stay in a funny variety show very dumb, you will look out of place. Therefore, I don’t really like some of the newcomers. Especially the “old people” nowadays can’t get together, this one will come today, the other will not come. Of course, the star is very busy, and there are other announcements. It is understandable that the combination is not together, but I will regret it as an audience.

Friends, are you still chasing the variety show “Star Detective”? Who is your favorite in it?

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