1,000 USD screen stand - Apple's ultimate magic screen - Photo 1.

Magician tricks have many, but its core principle is only one, which is to distract viewers from the main goal. And considering that criterion, Apple is truly a talented magician of the corporate world.

After the brilliant performance of the 6K Pro Display XDR display and its Pro Stand stand, Apple has made audiences in the WWDC 2019 auditorium as well as those who are watching live almost unstoppably when announcing. its price. A monitor stand, an accessory sold for $ 1,000!

Brackets of 1,000 USD – great distraction of Apple.

Not long after that the stand, without a smart connection, not gold plated or gleaming, costing up to $ 1,000 became a hot topic with criticism for Apple when selling a sub sued for a price so expensive that "exorbitant". Meanwhile, other technology firms, other screen makers also took advantage of the opportunity to mock Apple because of this accessory.

A great marketing tactic

But actually the 1,000 USD stand is a smart marketing tactic, if not excellent, in Apple's style. And despite being applied by Apple many times, it still succeeds every time they bring it back.

What people may not realize is that while the disparaging words, ridicule for the base of that $ 1,000 echoed everywhere, another Apple product is also being mentioned repeatedly by people: that is is a 6K 32 inch Pro Display XDR screen that costs up to $ 5,000 introduced by Apple at the same time as the other stand.

1,000 USD screen stand - Apple's ultimate magic screen - Photo 2.

At a time when news about smartphones dominated the tech industry, who cared for a computer monitor, no matter what its configuration parameters were. Especially when the screen is not a product for ordinary consumers at a price of up to 5,000 USD.

But thanks to the absurdly expensive base stand like the Pro Stand, the information about this 6K screen is thus spread everywhere and imprinted in people's minds – for free, without loss. A little advertising cost.

In fact, Apple doesn't need to sell the base for that $ 1,000, what they need is that everyone remembers the $ 6K screen. And thanks to the other Stand Pro stand, Apple is achieving its goal in a way that can't be better. In other words, the Stand Pro stand is Apple's misleading tactic to viral their main product, the 6K Pro Display XDR screen.

1,000 USD screen stand - Apple's top magic illusion - Photo 3.

This is Apple's true promotion goal, not the other one.

A similar marketing tactic has been done by Vietnamese firms, which is the Kangaroo water filter promotion in the 2011 Champions League final break. With just one sentence and one "CACH", the ad This report was played 54 times during the break between the two halves. Despite much criticism after that, Kangaroo's name of the water purifier has become an unforgettable mark in consumers' hearts.

A double hit the target

Not only that, the $ 1,000 price of the stand also distracts the user from another goal: the price of the Pro Display XDR screen.

1,000 USD screen stand - Apple's top magic illusion - Photo 4.

8K Dell Ultrasharp UP3218K screen, priced at 3,700 USD including stand.

The 32-inch screen, Apple's 6K resolution is priced at up to $ 5,000, while the Dell Ultrasharp UP3218K screen, 31.5 inches in size, has a resolution of up to 8K, with more pixels than the newly launched screen. Apple, which currently only costs $ 3,700 on Walmart's booth. Even if Amazon is priced higher, it is only nearly 4,200 USD, much lower than the price of Apple Pro Display.

If you feel the 8K resolution is too much for you, you can also find the LG Ultrafine 27MD5KA-B 27inch 5K resolution screen, which is also optimized for MacOS with the P3 color tuner, and only price 1,834 Euro (more than 2,000 USD). A little smaller, the resolution is a little lower, but the price is much more pleasant and reasonable.

But because the two screens don't come with a 1,000-foot base, there aren't many people paying attention to it. Obviously, compared to the above screens, Apple's 6K screen is becoming too expensive, but when the stand comes with that screen, it has a high price to paranoid, the price of 5,000 USD for 32 inch screen Apple's 6K has become quite reasonable.

Moreover, as mentioned above, when the imprint of the Apple screen was too deep in the consumer's mind, all reasonable comparisons of prices were no longer meaningful. Indeed, the $ 1,000 screen stand is an excellent magic trick of Apple, when it creates a perfect curtain to hide the intention of promoting and selling its $ 5,000 screen.

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