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Synopsis.Doraemon, a cat-shaped robot, will come from the future of the 22nd century to Nobita, a boy who is dull no matter what he does.Quote-Wikipedia


  1. What’s crying, ridiculous

    1. 3DCG
    2. digest
    3. Snow mountain romance
    4. An extra word
    5. Devil program
  2. General comment: The supernatant of a work called Doraemon

    1. Personal impression: Dora crying

What’s crying, ridiculous

This work is familiar to directors such as Sunset on Third Street
A 3DCG anime movie directed and written by Takashi Yamazaki.


Image source: STAND BY ME Doraemon
(C) 2014 “STAND BY ME Doraemon” Production Committee

This work is a work drawn in full CG.
Doraemon started with handwriting and moved to digital drawing.
And finally Doraemon will be drawn in “Full CG”
Nearly 50 years have passed since 1973, when Doraemon’s animation began.
You can feel the progress of technology.

You can even see the “eyes” of the “tatami” where Nobita is lying down
Although it is a detailed depiction, it seems to be a fantasy work called Doraemon
The atmosphere of anime animation remains, not real,
While carrying the Japanese-style “animation-like” CG,
It even feels like a “miniature” or “figure” is moving somewhere.

Depiction of light shining through the windows of the corridor, depiction of moving shadows, etc.
By drawing exactly to the fine points
You can enjoy the world view of “Doraemon” firmly with “CG”.
The facial expressions of the characters that move and change with slimy
You can feel the charm of the character of the work Doraemon firmly.

The scene of flying in the sky with “Bamboocopter”, which is also a mountainous area in the early stages
At the same time you can feel Nobita’s slapstick
It is a fierce aerial action, and it is a depiction with plenty of floating feeling.

With bold camera work and quick scene development
It depicts a flight scene with an exhilarating bamboo copter,
By ending with a “Nobita-like” punch line, the bamboo copter scene
It leaves a deep impression on the viewer.

On the other hand, there is a part that makes the character design feel strange,
Although I get used to it while watching it, it is a little closer to animation and the original
Couldn’t you? I’m young enough to think.
Doraemon’s design is just as it is, the design of the human character
The strange emphasis on youth is the part that makes you feel uncomfortable.


Image source: STAND BY ME Doraemon
(C) 2014 “STAND BY ME Doraemon” Production Committee

In terms of the story, the content goes according to the original.
I can’t study, I’m late, I can’t exercise,
Nobita is just a crap.From the 22nd century in front of him
Sewashi, his great-grandson, and Doraemon, a cat-shaped robot, visited
Sewashi says that Nobita’s future will be covered with debt as it is

And to change that future
I sent “Doraemon” to him
The story begins from that point.
The beginning of the story “Doraemon” that everyone knows
I’m drawing from the beginning.

Although it is a little digest tic from the beginning,
Nobita’s daily life changes little by little using Doraemon’s tools.
Many nostalgic tools that are familiar to those who watched anime and the original
Anywhere Door for late arrivals, memorization bread for test study,
A solid glove for baseball etc …

After a long time seeing many nostalgic tools,
You can feel as happy as you used to
Personally, the tension went up when the “cloud consolidation gas” came out.

However, even if you use various tools, you cannot match Mr. Dekisugi after all.
After seeing Mr. Dekisugi, he changed himself and started to make an effort “on his own”.
The effort is not fruitful.That’s why Nobita
“I’m going to marry myself like this” Shizuka-chan will be unhappy
The place where you try to make an effort that is disliked is the charm of the main character, Nobita.

Efforts to change and compassion for others will lead to future changes.
Natural story development and deepening the charm of the character
The flow from the beginning to the middle is interesting though it is a digest part.

Snow mountain romance

Image source: STAND BY ME Doraemon
(C) 2014 “STAND BY ME Doraemon” Production Committee

From the middle stage, the future will be the main axis of the story.
In this snowy mountain scene, Nobita is about to be distressed in the snowy mountain
It’s a story that helps Shizuka-chan in the future.
I also remember seeing this snowy mountain scene in the original or anime,
The story is different between that “memory” and the movie, and a tremendous sense of incongruity is created.

It will be a little spoiler, but in the original, “Nobita” who went to help
To Shizuka-chan, who should have gone to help after all
I just got help and went down the mountain together.
I thought that I couldn’t leave Nobita like that,
Shizuka-chan decided to get married.

However, in this work, Shizuka-chan caught a “cold”.
It is in danger of dying.
Moreover, Nobita did too much extra work.
Even what Shizuka was supposed to wear
I borrowed it, and Shizuka-chan’s cold got worse.

Is it intentional?The hero named “Nobita”
Only the developments and scenes that make you dislike it are depicted.
Instead of following the original, I dared to modify it to become the main character “Nobita”
It is only a mystery that the development makes you feel disgusted.

Nobita does ridiculous things in a situation that can be said to be desperate.
It is the possibility of “memory” from the present self to the future self.
I remember the day, place, and time of the distress.
If I remember, my future self should be remembered and I should come to help.
Then, adult Nobita comes to help.

It’s a time paradox outbreak (bitter smile)
In the first place, when Doraemon came, the time paradox was
It’s happening, but only in this scene
There are too many and even the contents of the original are modified
Did it have to be original?

Just knowing the contents of the original and the animation
What made the story unfold so that “Nobita” would be disliked
I’m not convinced because I like the work “Doraemon”

An extra word

Image source: STAND BY ME Doraemon
(C) 2014 “STAND BY ME Doraemon” Production Committee

After the romance of the snowy mountains is “the eve of marriage.”
Again, this work has undergone extra modifications.
In the scene of a drinking party with famous giants
“Dekisugi” and “Gian” once confessed to Shizuka-chan
A line has been added that shows that it was refused.

There is no such lively conversation in the original, it is just an extra word.
Drinking party on an equal footing as an adult, Gian is like before
Because it is an adult relationship that does not cause violence
Despite the greatness of this scene, Gian
Nobita is violent like he was a child.

It ’s a scene where you can see that they are growing.
In “Nobuyo Oyama version”, there are scenes where Nobita is properly recognized by Gian.
Even though the goodness of this scene was outstanding by being added
This work doesn’t do that. I’m just modifying it with an extra word.
In addition, “Jaiko” who was supposed to get married in the original future also appeared,
Celebrating Nobita’s marriage is a bit cruel.

Even in the scenes of “Shizuka-chan” and “Shizuka-chan’s dad”
I’m adding an extra word. The dialogue in this scene is too famous.

“I think your decision to choose Nobita was correct.
That young man is a person who can wish for the happiness of others and mourn the misery of others.
That’s the most important thing for humans.
I believe he will definitely make you happy. “

However, this work adds an extra word to this wonderful line.

“That young man never has a prominent deal.”

Because I put this word in
Nobita doesn’t have the obvious talents of special skills and talents,
It has become an indescribable line like a good person,
If so, should you choose a good-looking cedar with talent and special skills?When
I wonder.

An extra word for “completed dialogue” in the sense that it is already the original
Because of the addition, it creates a strong sense of discomfort.
I can’t cry.

Devil program

Image source: STAND BY ME Doraemon
(C) 2014 “STAND BY ME Doraemon” Production Committee

Extra words and modifications stand out toward the end of the game,
The biggest modification of this work is the “achievement program”.
For those who are watching the original or anime, the setting is “What’s that?”

Doraemon is Sewashi-kun’s request at first
I’m tired of the command to “change Nobita’s future.”
That’s why Sewashi-kun is also for his bright future
Apply a certain program to Doraemon.
That is the “achievement program”.

This program makes Nobita’s future happy
Unless it changes, I can’t go back to the future, and on the contrary, if the future changes to something happy
It is forcibly returned to the future.

If you have an attachment to a work called Doraemon
You might wonder, “What’s that?”
This is an element to put this work together in “90 minutes”.

Why Doraemon is helping Nobita
And why did Doraemon have to go home?
That part is called the “achievement program”
The reason is that the program is too devilish.

A 90-minute story with a solid and easy-to-understand reason
It’s not bad to clearly create “Kishōtenketsu”,
If you try to force it home, an electric current will flow,
I didn’t want to go home at the end, but I was forced to go home in 48 hours.
Moreover, it is the devil’s business to set that this will never happen again in modern times.

Doraemon shouts that he doesn’t want to go home, and it gets charred
The end of the current flow is more than a gag
Feeling the cruelty of watching a scene that whips a slave,
I give such a cruel program and doubt the character of Sewashi.

In that case, the “Time Travel Regulation Law” in the original was enacted.
I can’t come to the past
It would have been good if Doraemon had to go home.
Furthermore, this farewell scene is also undergoing extra modifications.

Doraemon has to go back to the future against Nobita

“Can I do it without me?
“Can you stand alone even if you are mean by Gian and Suneo?”

Ask Nobita.In the original, Nobita in this scene

“Don’t be stupid! You can do it by yourself. I promise!”

Is returned. It is an important line that you can feel the growth of the main character, Nobita.
However, in this work, Nobita is silent in response to Doraemon’s words.
Moreover, the moment I left in front of Doraemon and became alone

“Doraemon’s idiot, can’t you do something alone?”

Spill. It’s ruined.
This “Goodbye, Doraemon” is Nobita’s independence and growth
It’s an important episode to describe. And yet, it doesn’t make me feel it.

In the original, Nobita dared to sell a fight to Gian,
I saw Doraemon passing by,
Nobita declares, “Let’s do it without Doraemon.”
However, Doraemon did not pass by in this work.
Declare “Let’s do without Doraemon”. There is no sense of discomfort in the dialogue.

Due to these small modifications, I can’t be impressed.
The development of the lie 800 after that is also drawn quickly,
“Dora no” is due to the discomfort that occurs as the story progresses
It’s a work I couldn’t do.


General comment: The supernatant of a work called Doraemon

Image source: STAND BY ME Doraemon
(C) 2014 “STAND BY ME Doraemon” Production Committee

If you are not familiar with Doraemon, you will see it for the first time.
It is a work that you can enjoy as a Doraemon that you can understand in 90 minutes.
Although there are many forcible settings and digest-like developments,
It is a neat story of Kishōtenketsu within the scale of 90 minutes.

However, when I was watching the original, the anime, and the eve of the marriage of Nobuyo Oyama’s version,
As the story progresses, the feeling of strangeness in the “line” and the setting of the modified part
The story is so strange that I can’t enjoy this work obediently.
Just by stitching together the famous episodes of the original
There are many modifications that may change the message and meaning you want to draw.

Only the famous and good parts of the work Doraemon
There is also a feeling that only the supernatant is shown, as if they were joined together.
There may have been some parts that could not be helped to put together in 90 minutes,
Feelings for the work “Doraemon”,
Your impressions will change greatly depending on whether you watch the past episodes.

I would like to appreciate the attempt to draw Doraemon with full CG,
It is a work that cannot be said to be honestly interesting.

Personal impression: Dora crying

Image source: STAND BY ME Doraemon
(C) 2014 “STAND BY ME Doraemon” Production Committee

Director Yamazaki often finishes any work with a moving line,
This work was like no other, and I was caught up in the moving line.
As Doraemon that you can usually understand in 90 minutes if you suppress a little more modification
There may have been some fun, but
It’s just a mystery why we make such a modification that hinders the tantrum.

“STAND BY ME Doraemon 2” with grandma
It seems that the episode is the center,
On the contrary, I am wondering how much it has been modified.

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