Staff at Blizzard have seen Diablo 4, but the game will not be released this year - Photo 1.

Staff at Blizzard have seen Diablo 4, but the game will not be released this year

The fact that Blizzard is doing Diablo 4 is no longer a secret, even if they haven't published any official news yet. The inside hand of Kotaku's news page, Jason Schreier has repeatedly affirmed the existence of Diablo 4 and based on the latest official announcement, about Blizzard (once again) canceling the FPS game about StarCraft, we see them cornering Diablo.

Despite the collapse of Blizzard, Diablo's charisma is still too great, netizens are keen to watch every post with the keyword "diablo". The article, published in the famous French news site, Le Monde, is the latest example.

In an exclusive interview with former Blizzard staff, talking about the 30% cut of new personnel taking place at Blizzard's headquarters in Versailles, "Diablo" appeared. According to the member's translation on the Icy Veins forum, the forum focuses on Blizzard in general and the World of WarCraft game in particular, then:

"What about the future? The development teams at Blizzard Entertainment have seen Diablo 4 and know that a new Overwatch game is in development. But there won't be any of the two products listed before 2020, at least, and employees at Versailles aren't sure if they'll still work at Blizzard when the game is released.

‘Activision Blizzard will receive less profit, but future projects will compensate for them,” said Blizzard senior employee.".

Blizzard is losing its status as a gaming studio respected by the whole community. If they want to regain what they have lost with Diablo 4, they must have a good enough storyline and high replay value like Diablo its predecessor from a decade ago, the immortal legend Diablo 2.

Feeling a little sad when the monument is hard to get over and over in May. Read articles related to Blizzard, we still have not found any bright news to raise hope. "Diablo 4 has been presented to some game development teams" is probably the best news we can have at this time.

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